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Las Vegas Buffet

Does a Las Vegas Buffet Save You Money?


Las Vegas Buffet

The Buffet at the Flamingo Las Vegas

So you like to eat? I love to eat, but the idea of a buffet at times seems like a bit of waste. However, if you like quality and quantity you want to consider, the buffets at Mandalay Bay, Aladdin, Mirage, Bellagio and the Rio. Let me explain my rationale. While each of these buffets tend to be on the higher end of the price scale you need to know that you do get what you pay for. You could spend $10 at Circus Circus and end up with a backache from the numerous times you will be visiting the porcelain ranger after your meal. With good buffets you get quality meals.

What you do need to know is that you need to avoid the stuff on the line that is meant to distract you. Potatoes, Rice, bread, vegetables and anything else that is considered a side dish should be kept to a minimum. Really, do you want to spend $22 for a dinner roll?

Here is a list of buffets on the Las Vegas strip

Hit the crab legs, hop on the shrimp, devour the prime rib.

If you need to take a break and hit the restroom, so be it. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO UNLOAD!!! People are always so conscious of etiquette. This is a buffet, start eating as much as you can. If you need to make room, blast away.

One more thing, when eating crab legs remember that you are not paying by the pound, do not struggle with a tiny piece of shell that refuses to give up the goods. Move on and get the big stuff.

The Las Vegas buffet is where you can unleash the fury of your seven months of dieting to fit into a swimsuit that you never liked anyway. Ask yourself, is one giant meal really going to make you look fatter. NO!

Start eating!!!!

The real question should be do you need to give up quality by eating at a Las Vegas buffet or can you just go cheap? There are plenty of places where you can get a good meal, that happens to also be cheap. Cheap food in Las Vegas is not scarce it is just not as easy to find. Don't worry, I have plenty of cheap food options that might keep you from going to a buffet.

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