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Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Red Rock Canyon


Red Rock Canyon is just 15 miles (24 kilometers) west of Las Vegas. It is a scenic area of rock formations and desert with a 3,000-foot (910-meter) escarpment produced by a thrust fault. Open to the public year-round, Red Rock Canyon has a Bureau of Land Management visitors center and is home to feral horses, wild burros, bighorn sheep, coyotes and a variety of desert plant life.

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What You'll Do At Red Rock Canyon:
If you enjoy the spacious feeling that is very prevalent in the rock formations of the Southwest you'll enjoy this small example of the geology of the area in this part of the United States. The sandstone formations rise along the boundary of the park and are great for day hikes and rock climbing. If you are a photographer watch as the sun uses the rocks as a canvas and slowly transforms the colors at dawn and sunset.

Travelling with kids in Red Rock Canyon?
Check the visitors center for a trail map and choose from a few trails that are just right for your kids. There is a Children's Discovery trail that takes you past some hieroglyphs, over a stream and to a small waterfall. Your kids can follow along on the interpretive trail as well as explore the desert landscape.

Location: 15 miles (24 km.) west of Las Vegas out Charleston Blvd.

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Phone: 702-363-1921

Hours: See information page

Price: $5.00 per car charge to enter Red Rock. Season passes are available for $20.00 per year.

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If you are a photographer do not forget to snap a few shots as the sun sets. The colors are dramatic and you can be sure to capture the desert and the rocks as they dazzle you with their light show.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area website

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