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Day Trips from Las Vegas

Many travelers are drawn to the lights and excitement of Las Vegas, but too few are aware of the wonders of Mother Nature that surround them. Rugged mountains, red rock canyons and deep desert valleys offer stunning scenery and myriad outdoor recreational opportunities. The region's favorable climate makes outdoor activity around Las Vegas an attractive option year-round.
  1. Laughlin, Nevada (9)

Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon -The Day Trip
Directions, details, cost and descriptions of the trip from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas. It's only about a 5 hour drive, however if you are thinking of heading to the Grand Canyon National Park from Las Vegas there are a few things you should know.

7 National Parks To Visit From Las Vegas
The Road Trip from Las Vegas to the Southwestern United States. Need info on how to use Las Vegas as your home base when exploring the Southwest of the United States. See National Parks, driving routes and mileage from Las Vegas to nearby National Parks.

Driving to Monument Valley and Four Corners from Las Vegas
Driving from Las Vegas to Monument Valley? Information, things to see and mileage for a day trip to Monument Valley from Las Vegas.

Driving From Las Vegas to Mesa Verde National Park
When you drive through Monument Valley and head toward the Four Corners area of the Southwest you will find it hard not to stop and take plenty of pictures.

Driving from Las Vegas to Arches National Park
Personally I like the route that takes m through Capitol Reef national park and along Escalante canyon. It is a little longer but you’ll see so much sandstone that you’ll be able to identify the ...

Driving from Las Vegas to Yosemite National Park
You’ll be entering Yosemite National Park via the East entrance and Tioga Pass (unfortunately this route only works in late spring, summer and early fall). Make sure to stop at the Tioga Gas Mart

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada
Red Rock Canyon is minutes from Las Vegas and a spectacular place to enjoy the Southern Nevada desert. You can hike, bike, walk or climb on, in or along impressive red rocks of the Southern Nevada desert.

Take A Day Trip To Zion National Park From Las Vegas
Zion National Park is an easy day trip from the Las Vegas strip to a picturesque canyon in Utah.

Need a Map of Las Vegas
If you need a map of Las Vegas for your Las Vegas vacation you can find a few maps here that will help get you exactly where you need to be.

Day Trips from Las Vegas
Find out what is beyond the bright lights and the non stop action with a day trip from Las Vegas to a National Park or place to hike or even a place where you might get a little culture. The Grand Canyon is nearby as is the Hoover Dam and Zion National Park.

Rent A Car in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is easily navigated without the use of a vehicle but if you want to see what life beyond the strip is like, rent a car!

Rent a car in Las Vegas
Rent a car in Las Vegas and take a day trip to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock or even Los Angeles.

Buffalo Bills Resort and Casino Primm Valley Nevada
Buffalo Bills Resort and Casino Primm Valley Nevada

See the Southwest
About's guide to the Southwest Elizabeth Mitchell will help you find that perfect location to make your Las Vegas vacation complete.

Bryce Canyon National Park
The sandstone cliffs at Bryce canyon will impress you with their peculiar colors and they will delight your camera lens. Take a hike down into one of the canyons and watch as birds soar high above the pinnacles that surround you. This is worth the three hour drive from Las Vegas.

Day trips - Las Vegas Day trips
Take a day trip out from Las Vegas and see what southern Nevada is all about.

Death Valley National Park
Death Valley National Park has the lowest elevation on the North American continent at 280 feet (84.93 meters) below sea level. Points of interest include Zabriskie Point, 20 Mule Team Canyon and Scotty's Castle.

Hoover Dam
The tour has changed but you still ride the elevator down through the concrete and this massive piece of human engineering is still incredibly impressive.

Mt. Charleston Nevada
An average of 20 to 30 degrees cooler than Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston is perfect for skiing, picnicking, hiking and horseback riding.

Valley of Fire State Park
Valley of Fire State Park - You can see some great sandstone formations as well as visible signs of ancient residents of the area.

Las Vegas Road Trip Mileage
Hop in the car and road trip it to Las Vegas. When was the last time you got all your buddies together and went on a road trip?

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