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Why You Should Choose The Cosmopolitan Hotel

Las Vegas Has Gone Cosmopolitan


Just because it is one of the newest hotels does not make it an automatic must see in Las Vegas. You should probably check it out because it has all the elements of a hotel that is changing the way hotels act on the Las Vegas strip. Get ready to be a little bad mixed in with a lot of good.

1. The Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas
Photo By Zeke Quezada

The Cosmopolitan has all the components of cool, cool bar, hip restaurants and killer nightlife options. It also has rooms that make you want to lounge, beds that make you want to roll in the sheets and views that make you want to post pictures on Facebook just to make your friends jealous.

2. Pictures of the Rooms at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas
Photo By Zeke Quezada

The first thing you'll notice is that they did not skimp on the decor. Yes, those are real art books throughout the room, yes, you can sketch something with those colored pencils and yes that seating area is so big you can cram in a few friends. The toiletries will make you stuff your carry-on and the robes will have you walking around the room with very little on under. The beds are the right amount of comfortable and the views from your bed and across the terrace are pure Las Vegas. So soak in the tub, invite someone into the huge shower or lather up with some really good stuff and make the most of Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

3. STK Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy of STK Las Vegas
If there is a restaurant at the Cosmopolitan that exudes the aura of the hotel it is STK. It feels grown up. It feels sexy. It's modern and the energy makes you want to live it right to the edge.

4. The Pool at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

Photo By Zeke Quezada

Yes they have water, and comfortable lounge chairs as do most pools in Las Vegas. What they have that you won't find elsewhere ping pong tables, pool tables, Foosball and a pinball machine. By the way they also have some huge television screens placed in a comfortable place where you can walk over and check the scores of the games you are following. Walk around an the place is on the verge of breaking out into a party and if you have no self control you could be right in the middle of the mayhem.

5. D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada

I'll tell you that the pizza is so outrageous that you'll have it at least twice during your stay. I'll also tell you that the bar is a decent place to sit if you want to meet a few people and possibly extend your meal into dessert. What you'll find out is that the room is super comfortable and you'll get the sense that they might want you to stay a little longer. The food will definitely make you want to linger and if you are staying you might as have a little more wine.

6. Holsteins at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

Photo By Zeke Quezada

Yes, it's a burger place in an over crowded market of luxury burger places. I understand that, however, the burgers are worth the visit but the beer selection is why you'll be siting down pairing your protein with a few IPA's and possibly a few beers you have never heard of.

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