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Holsteins Shakes and Buns at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas


Let Me Introduce You To The Korean "Bull" Gogi Burger at Holsteins Las Vegas
Holsteins Shakes and Buns at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

Korean "Bull" Gogi Burger at Holsteins Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada
I hate to say it but I won't be able to face the burger purist anytime soon. I am typically the guy who needs a good piece of ground beef between some perfect buns and that is my determination of a good burger. Unfortunately, I have strayed from my traditional roots and I am speaking up for a burger that is beyond what I would ever consider "burger-worthy."

The Korean "Bull" Gogi burger at Holsteins at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas has converted me into one of those guys who feels the burger is more than a simple American icon and instead a canvas for multi-cultural, culinary experimentation.

Let me explain. Sweet soy marinated beef, over-easy fried egg, kimchee slaw, chili mayo and kalbi glaze between a soft bun that allows just a bit of the slightly spicy juices to permeate the toasted surface. You get sweet, you get spicy and then the curious flavor of an egg. I shouldn't like it, but I do. It's more an entree than a burger and it's a way to explore a few flavors while holding on to just a tiny bit of an American classic.

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Las Vegas writer and burger snob extraordinaire, E.C. Gladstone gave me his take on the burger and his choice at Holsteins at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas:

For me, without getting too nerdy, what defines a great burger has to start with the ground round. I've found that a lot of chefs agree that the best restaurant burgers--perhaps ironically--try to emulate that great but simple backyard burger experience of a hand shaped, thick patty cooked just enough, charred but still juicy and oozing pure beef flavor. The best way to get that is to start with chuck or round, the cuts from which burgers were traditionally made. Kobe? Sirloin? That's just marketing. Though I have tasted great results from chefs blending in ends of other cuts, like skirt and tenderloin for taste and texture. Put it on a butter toasted soft bun, melt some cheddar over it, add lettuce, tomato and anything else you want, but it still has to be about the burger. I love to play with what's possible as much as anyone, but if any flavors dominate so much that you can't even taste the meat, then...what's the point?

Having said all that, I do think it's possible to make great turkey, veggie and other burgers--and Holstein's Greek lamb burger is definitely a winner.

With so many great burger options these days in Las Vegas Holstein's jams itself right on my list of one of the best burgers in Las Vegas. It might be that I really love the idea of such a varied selection of beers to go along with my meal or the fact that most things at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas seem well above average.

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