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Pictures of The Pool at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas


Pictures of The Pool at Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas
What is not to love about the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas? It’s new, it’s modern and it has all the things that seem to be missing from most Las Vegas hotels. You’ll be happy with the attention to customer service, your palate will be intrigued by the dining choices, the rooms are huge and the pool is one of those places you might find motivation to work out for.

You've never seen a pool like this, The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas has taken the next step in pool fun with foosball tables, pool tables, ping pong tables and plenty of places to relax in the Las Vegas sun. The hotel is amazing and you'll be even more impressed with the pool area at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

It’s more than just a Las Vegas hotel, it’s a destination and if you enjoy a good view, you better prepare yourself for a long afternoon on the terrace getting a full does of Las Vegas.

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