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D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

My New Favorite Spot in Las Vegas is D.O.C.G.

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D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

A glass of wine, an incredible pizza and olives stuffed with sausage, that is how easy I am and now I have a new favorite place in Las Vegas. D.O.C.G., a new restaurant concept from Chef Scott Conant is precisely what Las Vegas needs, a place where you feel as if you could spend an evening sharing good food and casual conversation without the need to move on. It's affordable, approachable and the food is memorable. D.O.C.G. is why you'll want to eat at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.


Location: D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Contact D.O.C.G.: (877) 551-7772

See the D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas website

Cuisine at D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Casual Italian

Reservations at D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Walk-ins welcome or call (877) 551-7772 Price Range at D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Moderate

Hours at D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:
Monday through Thursday – 11:30 to 11PM
Friday through Sunday -11:30am to late

Attire at D.O.C.G.: Casual

What it's like at D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas?

This is the comfortable, casual, yet slightly more dressed up version of your favorite pizza place back home. Except, the food is better, the service is friendlier and the pizza actually comes with a change of address form because you'll want to move to Las Vegas in order to have it more often.D.O.C.G. should not be judged entirely on it's pizza but it is so good you might not want to have anything but pizza.

If you sit at the bar you'll get the super casual feeling that you could possibly spend all day at D.O.C.G. Find a table just outside the front door and I dare you not to feel so comfortable you start talking to anyone who is willing to listen. If you love food, socializing and the experience of a fun, friendly meal D.O.C.G at The Cosmopolitan Hotel is for you.

Part of Where to Eat in Las Vegas 100 Restaurants You Should Try in Las Vegas.


How's the food at D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas?
Chef Scott Conant does food well, check out Scarpetta in any of a number of cities and you’ll know that, but D.O.C.G. is different. You’ll get high quality for an affordable price and it is delivered to you in a restaurant concept that is really about spending a little time enjoying a meal, engaging in conversation and having some fun. You'll find an atmosphere at D.O.C.G. that is as comfortably casual as you can find anywhere on the strip. In other words, you might open a second bottle of wine, snack a bit more and talk for far too long simply because D.O.C.G. motivates you to stay.

What you should try at D.O.C.G. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:
I should point out that I will be making another trip into D.O.C.G. to try a few more items but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you should expect.


  • Margarita pizza - Possibly the best pizza in Las Vegas, char on the crust, dough that is crispy yet melts in your mouth, thin to win! You'll wonder how tomatoes can taste so alive.
  • Olives Ascolani style - Pork sausage stuffed olives. "You had me at pork". The olives are slightly battered, stuffed and fried. What else could you possibly need?
  • Grilled Filone - Duck egg fonduta - A creamy egg with toasted bread. Dip until you can't dip any longer. Your probably not going to order this because the idea of an over easy egg in a cream sauce that you could be buried with is just not what you do, but, when you do, you'll thank me.
  • Veal Raviolini - Spinach, parmigiano sage - Ravioli that is divine, simple and so incredibly comfortable. If you have a little extra bread go ahead and wipe the plate clean.
  • Salted caramel dessert (I did not write down the correct name, I'll get it though) - It's the dessert they give you if you've been bad your entire life, because it's so good, it's salty, it's bitter and it's sweet, it will make you act inappropriately, it has that kind of power.

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