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Julian Serrano at Aria Las Vegas


Tapas and Sangria at Julian Serrano at CityCenter Las Vegas
Julian Serrano at Aria Las Vegas

Tuna Raspberry Skewer at Julian Serrano at Aria Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy of MGM Mirage
A glass of sangia, a few plates in front of you and long conversations about those things that seem important when you are in Las Vegas. That is Julian Serrano.

The food will keep you engaged but the atmosphere will make you want to sit around and lengthen the conversation. The food will entice you to eat a little more but the sangria will motivate you to smile and allow the feeling of the restaurant to take over your mood.

The best seats are at the bar that surrounds the restaurant and in particular those seats that bring you a little closer to everyone else. Smile, talk, share a story as if you are having a large dinner party at Julian Serrano's home or on a vineyard in Spain. Food is meant to be shared and Tapas help the festive mood.

What you should try at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas:

  • Mix Paella with Lobster, Chicken, Chorizo - Part of my problem when eating is that I cannot stop when I really enjoy a dish. The Paella at Julian Serrano makes me want to eat until I explode.
  • Ceviche is addicting but the Tuna Tiradito will make you do bad things just to get a little more.
  • Pintxo de Chorizo - These tiny chorizo pieces on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes will have you learning Spanish . If you need help with that walk into the restroom where a Spanish lesson is continuously going on.
  • Stuffed Piquillo Peppers - I know you can't pronounce piquillo but just point to them on the menu and then indulge in the goat cheese and peppers.
  • Seared Scallops - They are simple yet divine

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