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CityCenter Las Vegas Fine Art Collection


Stories in a New Space at CityCenter Las Vegas
CityCenter Las Vegas Fine Art Collection

Big Edge, by Nancy Rubins

CityCenter Land, LLC
Art is the medium by which to tell stories that allow the viewer to interpret that which they will. The eyes of one see so much more or less that that of another. Such is the case when a large scale collection is unveiled and the eyes of the world embark upon examining what is considered the newest addition to the cultural landscape.

In Las Vegas that landscape is about to change with the CityCenter Fine Art Collection. Journey through a gallery that will come alive within CityCenter, a gallery that is not harnessed by walls but rather by the limitless opportunities afforded the outdoor walkways and parkways. Art that can be viewed by both the casual observer and the knowledgeable curator of images in their own mind.

CityCenter allows the Las Vegas visitor to create their own stories in a new space.

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In Las Vegas everyone can agree that bigger seems to be better. Everyone wants to out do the next guy. CityCenter will unveil an arts project that is second to none and unheard of in Las Vegas, a permanent art collection that will be part of an open public space.

Visitors to CityCenter will be treated to a gallery setting unlike anything they have ever experienced. From the seen to the unseen, from the obvious to the inconspicuous, art will surround you at CityCenter.

The art is a broad combination of style and media from sculptures and paintings to large scale installations. The art will be located throughout CityCenter with installations both indoors and out to create a roving gallery of masterpieces that will be viewed by visitors and guests alike. Imagine for yourself a 67 acre gallery where the art is incorporated into the architecture, into the public spaces and into the retail and entertainment districts.

The CityCenter Fine Art Collection will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

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