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Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas

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Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas
Grab a seat at the bar and indulge in a few tapas as well as some sangria and feel the Vegas groove. The feeling is casual and relaxed while maintaining a bit of the elegance that is found throughout Aria Resort.

Location: Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas
CityCenter Las Vegas
3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (877) 230-2742

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Cuisine at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas: Spanish fare, Tapas, Paella, seafood

Reservations at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas: recommended

Price Range at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas: $8 - $40

Hours at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas:
Lunch and dinner; Daily, 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Attire: Casual

What it’s like at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas?

You will feel the festive, laid back lifestyle of a Spanish tapas bar and the culture of eating, drinking and enjoying yourself at Julian Serrano. The casual feeling in the restaurant will allow you to sample more of the small plate dishes without becoming overwhelmed by the overall cost of a meal.

The menu allows you to peruse quite a bit while not being offended or put off by the dollar amount that will be written on your check. There is a general feel of fun and comfort that is either Chef Julian Serrano's personality showing through or the fact that the sangria goes down like refreshing juice. Have some fun with long conversations over small plates, fine drinks and a little Vegas magic.

How’s the food at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas?

Julian Serrano has been the executive chef at Picasso at the Bellagio and if you have alowe yourself to enjoy Picasso you’ll be excited about a menu that is precisely Julian Serrano. The seafood, the tapas the interpretation of Spanish cuisine for the Las Vegas visitor is exciting.

What you should try at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas:

  • Mix Paella with Lobster, Chicken, Chorizo - Part of my problem when eating is that I cannot stop when I really enjoy a dish. The Paella at Julian Serrano makes me want to eat until I explode.
  • Ceviche is addicting but the Tuna Tiradito will make you do bad things just to get a little more.
  • Pintxo de Chorizo - Thee tiny chorizo pieces on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes will have you learning Spanish . If you need help with that walk into the restroom where a Spanish lesson is continuously going on.
  • Stuffed Piquillo Peppers - I know you can't pronounce piquillo but just point to them on the menu and then indulge in the goat cheese.
  • Seared Scallops - They are simple yet divine

Signature Dishes at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort Las Vegas

  • Beef Tripe Stew with chorizo sausage
  • Bacon, chick peas and tomato-based sofrito
  • Salmon with a creamy truffle béchamel
  • Spanish Pizza with carmelized onion
  • piquillo pepper confit and Manchego cheese

Drinking at Julian Serrano at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas:
Wine list is centered on Spanish wines and the cocktail of choice might be Sangria

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User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Give it a try..., Member muffadile

The tapas scene in Las Vegas is fairly plebian. Often misguided by leaning towards middle eastern dishes, the existing tapas restaurants here seem to lack Spanish sophistication and flair. I had expected this restaurant to take the subject more seriously than say, Firefly or Cafe Babareeba, which usually have good food but have ""dumbed it down"" for the tourist trade ( I mean macaroni bites and shishkebab). Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience at JS, but left disappointed. The dining room is beautiful and arty, with wall tiles artfully arranged in stripes to mimic the flag of Spain, and glass tile mosaics on the floor. Our wait staff was fairly attentive, perhaps a bit forgetful, but sweet, friendly and well intentioned. However, I think the restaurant, in order to be top class, should spend a bit more time educating its waitstaff about Spanish tapas, the different varieties and ingredients and how things are traditionally done. Our waitstaff's sophistication compared to that of large casino coffee shop servers. Efficient and nice. Period. But most imporantly, the Chef should take his own business seriously. The first thing that goes on the table are olives--and the ones served to us for $3.00 were FROM A CAN! For a place such as this, I consider that to be an incredibly shameful cop out--there's no excuse, and sets the tone for disapointment in those with high expectations. The chef should be able to offer a variety of imported olives--they are inexpensive and easy to find. We can buy the olives we were served last night at the dollar store. Tapas were meant to be shared, but the portions at JS are pretty small, even though tapas portions aren't intended to be too big. In fact, they were disappointingly small, particularly given the fairly high prices (understood, however, that the overhead for that place must be pretty huge). Bread is not placed on the table, but eleven dollars buys you two slices of tasty bread with tomato and paper thin translucent slices of manchego cheese (pan con tomate and queso). Eight dollars buys you a dish of potato chunks smaller than Taco Bell's zesty cheesy potatos, even though they compare favorably, but not by leaps and bounds. We sampled about ten other traditional dishes, all of them good, but really, none of them extraordinary. There was a nice wine list and wines by the glass; however, with just one glass of wine each, we had a $200 bill and were ready to snack an hour later. While the ambiance at the Aria and JS is pretty swishy, unfortunately, the food at JS is about on par with what's already available in town, maybe just a tiny cut above. And it wouldn't cut the mustard in Madrid. I had hoped for better, even though I wish them well. Las Vegas is a wonderful place and all too often we receive a bum rap. Give JS a try and prove me wrong!

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