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The Guy's Guide to CityCenter

How would you spend a weekend in Las Vegas?


The Guy's Guide to CityCenter

Aria Las Vegas at Night

"This will make you rub the curtains behind you."

If there is a statement that describes what a guy’s getaway to Las Vegas should represent, that is it.

As the absinthe was prepared table side for us at Sage at Aria Las Vegas to polish off quite an eventful evening the experience could not have been described any better. It's strong, potent and it lets you know very quickly just how much fun you really think you can have.

The Pool
Our day had begun at Liquid Pool where the girl to guy ratio is 6-1, at least, so it was as if we had been invited to a slumber party where everyone surrounded us in swimsuits. The problem with Liquid, you are either mingling, in the water or spending a small fortune on a Cabana because sitting is nearly impossible for a couple of guys. After I scored the edge of a daybed with a couple of friendly women we toasted the afternoon with four drinks, 4 shots and the fuzzy feeling that comes from spending time in the sun while drinking alcohol in a quick, rapid succession.

While trying not to slur my speech I did a great job of convincing the girls to follow us to the Aria pool where we could have a conversation without speaking over the music. The idea of lounging in the pool and in the free lounge chairs was a bit more appealing since the crowd at Liquid was infringing on my clever lines and ability to socialize.

I won't say that the repeated gestures for the application of SPF for my hard to get places made the girls leave but they decided the exclusivity of Liquid called to them so we continued our sun worshiping at Aria pool while sipping some of the signature drinks. The Aria Pool is much better for a group of guys simply because you have more space and you do not have to pay extra for a place to sit. Renting a Cabana is also a good option at Aria Pool.

Right around the time when my inner voice should have been warning me of impending doom do to sun exposure and an alcohol induced hallucinatory spat, the airline called to explain that my second bag had been found and they would be happy to send a post card from O’Hare Airport, in Chicago. I would have to go shopping.

Man Shopping at Crystals at CityCenter
Great, I would have to go out and add to my wardrobe by doing a little shopping at Crystals to get me prepared for a night out in Las Vegas. I tried out a couple of those form fitting shirts that seem to attract the women at the clubs and frankly, I need to be working on getting a personal trainer. I popped into Paul Smith, where I was told I would look “ravishing,” bought a couple of things and I was set to impress.

The Rooms at Aria Las Vegas
Back in my room at Aria Resort I cracked open a beer from the mini-bar, I don't recommend over paying for liquor, filled the tub and emptied a bottle of body wash into the warm water and I had myself a quick bubble bath before my evening was set to begin. The sleek modern look of the rooms is only topped by the amount of technology at your finger tips at Aria Las Vegas. All off, all on, flat screen, roving curtains, and a high tech handheld touch pad that allows you to control everything. If you are a gear guy, this is Heaven.

Dinner at American Fish
Walking down to dinner I felt dehydrated so I was sure I would have to be getting a drink, the Barkeep at Michael Mina's American Fish, put together a Narragansett and introduced to me to the summer season in a glass lined with an orange peel.
As my buddy and I sat down to dinner at American Fish I can only tell you that the world is a better place when bacon is wrapped around a piece of flavorful fish, when wine is paired perfectly with a meal and when the music in a place is not some wasted generic sound track that has no life. If the guys are getting together American Fish is the place to have a meal.

The Evening Entertainment - Drinks at Aria
That led us to Sage for a quick foray into the Absinthe world. The deep flavors of the Absinthe and comfortable chairs in the lounge area should have been enough to help us call it a night, but when the guys get together you know there is no such thing as an early night.

We dropped into Gold Lounge for a quick drink that turned into three. An attempt at sitting down to allow our dinner to digest led us into the girls from the pool and wouldn’t you know that they were all set to go to Haze Nightclub.

The Winning Hand at the Poker Room at Aria Las Vegas
So, 3 Vodka cocktails later and an exit from an energetic Las Vegas nightclub, I found myself at the 4-8 table in the Aria Poker Room staring down a guy who looked far too serious. He raises, I re-raise, he goes all–in and I follow and he shows 2 Aces, I show 2 Jacks. You know that feeling you get when you wish you could turn back time? Well, the absinthe had solved that, I smiled with the confident look of a guy who knows things will go his way, the Flop did nothing for me, the Turn was just as bad but the River turned up my third Jack and I sucked out and cracked the guy's Aces.

Day Two

Waking Up With the Room
Technology! The room came alive just long enough for me to realize that my attempt at checking out the Aria Spa was long gone and my breakfast would be more like lunch as I caught a game at the Skybox Bar and Grille. A rib-eye Burger spelled relief from the rumbling between my ears and a few micro brews helped me relax and enjoy a few games.

After a nap at the pool I did my best to get the day going by having a Pomegranate Mojito at the pool followed by a Caipirinha. My bags had been delivered to my room and I would be set for another Las Vegas evening.

We hit Sirio for a Dammi un Bacon cocktail that was a lot like having a very spicy piece of wet, cold, beef. We strolled over to Jean Georges for a Steak and then our evening wound down at the Deuce Lounge where we gambled and mingled for the rest of the evening.

The poker tables were calling but two nights of drinking and dancing seemed to have motivated us to find solace in the lounge feeling of the Deuce lounge. A few drinks, decibel levels that allow for socializing and a comfortable place to sit were welcomed and the guy’s getaway was dictated by name calling, laughter and simple male bonding.

By the way, they have curtains at the Deuce Lounge as well.

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