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Free Things to Do in Las Vegas


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Free Things to Do in Las Vegas: Fremont Street Experience Downtown Las Vegas
Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Fremont Street Experience

Zeke Quezada
The lights are bright above Downtown Las Vegas as the Fremont Street Experience dazzles and entertains you nightly. The show is free and Downtown Las Vegas comes alive every half hour. Grab yourself a cheap hot dog and a shrimp cocktail and enjoy the light show. Downtown Las Vegas has low room rates, low limit tables and one of the best free shows in town.

Stroll up and down Fremont street and you'll find drink specials, food specials and even a couple of places where some of those adult attractions that Las Vegas is famous for come at a decent price. The Glitter Gulch has been there for a long time so you have to at least walk in and take a look.

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