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Free Attractions in Las Vegas

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Free Attractions in Las Vegas
Free Attractions:

Free, that's right not a single cent. Sit in front of the Bellagio Hotel and watch the fountains all day and they will not charge you a dime. Here are a few more attractions that will cost you nothing.

Important to note, if you are looking to be frugal while in Las Vegas consider the choice of hotel when making a decision on your Las Vegas vacation. Do a little research and compare room rates before booking. You might save enough to have a very expensive Las Vegas meal or see a pricey show.

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Bellagio Fountains
The show out front of the Bellagio Hotel is possibly the best free show in Las Vegas. Every fifteen minutes the fountains dance to music as the crowds surround the lake. See the show from one of the restaurants inside or from the HYDE Las Vegas as you enjoy a cocktail. You can also get a birds eye view from the Eiffel Tower across the street or while eating at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas.

Bellagio Gardens
The gardens are every bit as impressive as the show out front. The seasonal displays always impress you with the creativity by which they incorporate plants and flowers into their designs. Take your time to enjoy the details of each and every portion of the gardens.

Caesars Palace Statues
It's probably a ploy to get me to be happy about going into a mall but I always fall for it and I watch the talking statues at Caesars Palace. It’s a quick, cheesy display but how often do you get to see marble statues come to life?

Artwork at the Venetian Hotel
The artwork at the Venetian is reason enough to take the stroll through this mega resort. Go to the main lobby and you will be impressed with the effort they went through to put this thing together. The colors are vibrant and the high ceilings give the display a degree of credibility.

Fremont Street Experience
Get your fried twinkie and your shrimp cocktail and watch the light show high above Fremont Street. The music is loud and the light show is entertaining. All that entertainment for free.

Sirens of TI
A pirate battle on the Las Vegas Strip where the pirates have been in the gym and are ready for the swimsuit calendar in your garage. They sexed up the Pirate battle and call it by another name but it really is just a Las Vegas version of the pirates of the Caribbean..

Shark tank at the Mirage
It’s free but it’s like watching a fish tank at your doctor’s office. If you’re into fish, you can check out the large aquarium at the Forum Shops and the one in the lobby at the Mandalay Bay as well

Circus Acts at Circus Circus
Free circus acts are still going on at Circus Circus and they are still packing them in. Watch the show, play a few games and then stroll through Adventuredome and you’ll feel 12 again. One thing, the amount of kids can scare away those who have not decided to start a family yet.

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