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Cheap Shows in Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS - JUNE 16: Mentalist Gerry McCambridge arrives at the fourth anniversary party for Vegas Magazine
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Cheap Shows in Las Vegas do exist and most are pretty good. Of course there are also plenty of free shows in Las Vegas as well. See the free shows guide for a list of entertainment that requires no money on your part.

Check prices on show tickets in Las Vegas

Need a Las Vegas vacation? You don’t have a lot of time and you probably don’t have as much money as you would like. I know the problem. Is it also a last minute idea? Don’t worry. Check out these last minute deals. Now, take your time and find the right prices. If you are diligent and patient you’ll find the right deal, the best vacation package and you’ll have the time of your life.

Here are a few tips on how to save money on shows in Las Vegas.

  • American Storm -Adult entertainment for the girls for less than $50
  • American Superstars
    For $40 you get to see Britney and Christina and Michael and Elvis. As a tribute shows go this is a good one. On a relative scale this show is cheap and you do get your money’s worth.
  • Mac King at Harrah’s
    The best deal in entertainment in Las Vegas! Less than $210 and your entire family can have a great time at this afternoon show at Harrah’s.
  • The Mentalist at the V Theater - Comedy, magic and mental manipulation.
  • Vinnie Favorito - Entertaining low brow humor for less than most Vegas shows.
  • Defending the Cavemen- A fun show about relationships between a man and a woman

The V Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood has plenty of good entertainment for a lot less than the high profile shows along the Las Vegas strip.
What's playing at the V Theater

Nee more cheap alternatives in Las Vegas? Check out the Cheap Las Vegas page for options from cheap restaurants and hotels to attractions and events.

Important to note, if you are looking to be frugal while in Las Vegas consider the choice of hotel when making a decision on your Las Vegas vacation. Need a Travel Deal to Las Vegas? This is your resource for comparing prices and options when planning a trip to Las Vegas.

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