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Cheap Guide to Las Vegas

Las Vegas for Very Little Money


Las Vegas can be expensive, but there is always a way to cut a few corners. Sure, you can sleep in the back of that gas guzzling SUV you had to have. But, why not just go cheap? This cheap guide to Las Vegas should help you save a few dollars that you can then go and blow on the slots.

Free Stuff in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Coupon and hotel code page
This page seems to be very fluid, at any given time of the year you can have two dozen free coupon websites and then a month later they are all gone. Also Hotels run different promotional specials throughout the year.

Free coupons on the net
More free Vegas coupons
Even more Las Vegas Coupons

American Casino Guide
The American Casino guide is not free but with the amount of coupons it easily pays for itself.

Free Attractions:

Free, that's right not a single cent. Sit in front of the Bellagio Hotel and watch the fountains all day and they will not charge you a dime. Here are a few more attractions that will cost you nothing.

Bellagio Fountains
Bellagio Gardens
Caesars Palace Statues
Artwork at the Venetian Hotel
Fremont Street Experience
Sirens of TI
Lion Habitat at MGM Grand
White Lions at the Mirage
Shark tank at the Mirage
Circus Acts at Circus Circus
Auto Collection at Imperial Palace (Free with a coupon)

Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Finding a cheap hotel in Las Vegas can be a challenge but there are quite a few hotels in Las Vegas that offer competitive prices for reasonable accommodations. These hotels are not the cheap, skanky places made famous by Las Vegas movies with sad endings. Each of these cheap hotels are quality places to stay and offer great services and entertainment. They might not have all the bells and whistles of the big resorts but you are saving a ton.

Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Tips For Travel Deals To Las Vegas?

Top 7 Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Eating Cheap in Las Vegas

I love to eat and I love to eat cheap. Usually, that means splitting a meal or looking for a good deal at one of the many restaurants on the strip. You will notice that I usually do not include great deals at restaurants off the strip. The time, effort and cab fare to get to these places, usually nullify the savings.

Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas
25 Places to eat for under $25
Cheap Buffets in Las Vegas
Best place to split a large entrée

Cheap Shows in Las Vegas

American Superstars
For $40 you get to see Britney and Christina and Michael and Elvis. As a tribute shows go this is a good one. On a relative scale this show is cheap and you do get your money’s worth.

Mac King at Harrah’s
The best deal in entertainment in Las Vegas! Less than $210 and your entire family can have a great time at this afternoon show at Harrah’s.
More cheap shows in Las Vegas

Links to the Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Bill's Gambing Hall – Las Vegas
Bill's Gambling Hall is located across the street from the Bellagio, Bally's and Caesars Palace. It is the perfect location and the price is usually at least 40% lower than its nearest neighbors. Best price considering the location.

Casino Royale Casino – Las Vegas
The Casino Royale Casino has small inexpensive rooms and a players card that gives you a ton. There is a $50 free slot play coupon if you sign up for their players card. It also includes a free Margarita and a few cash bonus coupons for the tables. The card may be worth staying at this cheap hotel

Circus Circus Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas
Circus Circus Hotel and Casino always has very reasonably priced rooms. You will have to deal with the kids that are crawling around the entire place. It's location on the north end of the strip does hurt its cheap factor because you have to walk or take a cab to go to the nicer hotels.

Excalibur Hotel and Casino
Excalibur Hotel and Casino is close to the MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay and NY/NY and the price is always low. The rooms are a bit cramped but you are paying significantly less than the people next door.

Flamingo Las Vegas
Please do not think for one minute that cheap would imply stinky, dirty, crusty carpet hole in the wall. The Flamingo is a fine property right in the center of the Las Vegas strip. On a relative scale it is less expensive than the big resorts but more expensive than most of the "cheap" hotels. The pool area is very nice and the food choices are exactly what you need if you are frugal.

Sahara Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas
The Sahara Hotel and Casino is old school Vegas and it has cheap rooms now that all the big hotels opened up on the south end of the strip. The monorail stops at the Sahara so you really are directly connected to the rest of Las Vegas. Utilize the cheap rooms which are nice and take advantage of the low rates.

Stratosphere Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas
Years ago Bob Stupak's Vegas World sat at the site of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino and it was the epitome of cheap. These days the stratosphere looks a lot nicer but it still can be had for a low price. The carpet is no longer crusty but the walk to the center of the strip is still quite a distance.

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