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What is Cheap at Luxor Las Vegas

Can You Find a Deal at The Luxor Hotel?


What is Cheap at Luxor Las Vegas
The Luxor is that place you heard about that looks so impressive and so “Vegas.” The truth is that it has been worked pretty hard and it is now a little worn, they are doing a good job of cleaning it up but the years are showing. What that means for you is that there are a few deals here. Overlook the little things and you’ll find a good deal.

You are looking to save money so here are five ways to go cheap at this Luxor:

What’s Cheap?

Tacos and Tequila has plenty of things on the menu that will keep your wallet full of singles.

The Pyramid café is not fabulous but you can grab a meal for under $20. It’s not your best bet but it is open 24 hours.

MORE the Buffet is decent but they offer an all day eating pass for $29.99 for adults and $17.99 for kids. That is less than $10 per meal.

The Food Court. Cheap, unhealthy and quick, it’s Las Vegas why worry about your health?

Backstage Deli is a quick place to get a sandwich. It is fairly well priced, get a triple-decker and split it with someone.

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Trying to save money in Las Vegas? This is what you need:

You are set, now start planning!

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