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Looking for the Best Pizza on the Las Vegas Strip?

Tomato, Cheese, Basil and the Best Pizza in Las Vegas


Before you rant about how my selections are way off, understand that I eat a lot, way too much, and I probably drink far more than you to0, so take a seat and consider my selections. After you do that, realize that I'm opinionated, I can be a blow hard and the truth is I have no allegiance to anyone, if you suggest a better a pizza I'll probably go and try that as well. These are my best pizzas and I think you'll like them, but I'm pretty sure that you'll have a list of your own after your Las Vegas vacation. Send it to me and I'll crumble like a stale cracker.

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1. The Pizza at D.O.C.G. at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

This is the best. Don't try to change my mind, because I'm not listening to you. Now, if you need someone to eat with you I'll go to D.O.C.G. any day of the week and eat a slice of their pizza. Thin, vibrant tomatoes, fresh basil and just enough char on the crust to give you a tiny bit of crunch. Do not hurt yourself when you have this pizza, take it slow, ease into it, it is life altering.

2. 800 Degrees at Monte Carlo Las Vegas

For the money there is no better pizza in Las Vegas. It is the best cheap meal on the Las Vegas strip right now and it happens to be very good. You might find a better pizza but you will not find it at a better priece. Simply speaking, som eof the other pizzas on this list will taste better because they use better ingredients, however, the difference is not worth double the cost if you are on a tight food budget in Las Vegas.


3. Five50 Pizza Bar at Aria Las Vegas

Five50 Pizza Bar at Aria Las Vegas
The pizza should make you excited but it's the small plates that will take you over the top. Shawn McClain of Sage brings his idea of pizza to Las Vegas and then tempts us with plenty of outstanding options to have along with our pie. The pizza is a combination of VPN style and New York pizza combined with just a bit more crust and all baked at 550 degrees. Great ingredients contribute to pretty impressive flavors. The beer list is noteworthy and the bar area will tempt you to stick around longer. They also have a pizza counter that should feed your late night cravings.

4. Grimaldi's Pizza at Palazzo Las Vegas

New York Style pizza lovers it's time to get excited about Brooklyn's own Grimaldi's. Two locations on the Las Vegas strip to make you feel like you just walked under the Brooklyn Bridge for a pie.

5. Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

It's cheap, it's in a nice hotel and it doesn't feel like you are going out of your way to spend less money. Instead, it is as if you are one of the cool kids who just happened to know where to go for a slice. Bring a date and you'll feel like the insider who know Las Vegas better than the rest. If I'm you, I get it to go and head to the pool deck where you can lounge with a view of Las Vegas.

6. The Pizza at NOVE Italiano at the Palms

Photo Courtesy of 9 Group
You should know that if you go to NOVE and juts have the pizza it will be a shame because so much is done well there. Just know that, the food is spectacular. However, if you are looking for a decent pizza they just happened to that just as well. A few people, New Yorkers, have told me that they think this is just as good as anything in their old neighborhoods. For what it is worth, it's good but I think you should work in a few other items as well because everything is good.

7. Pizza at Enoteca Otto

I really do love the pizza here but I love so much more that I often don't mention the pizza. The wine list is enough for me to get excited about and an afternoon of pasta and a an overflowing glass of red is enough for me to get excited. However, Mario Batali does know a thing or two about pizza and he does a very good job of delivering a pie with some good char and a zesty sauce that will make you eat the entire thing and realize just how selfish you can really be.

8. Slice of Vegas

Slice of Vegas is doing a decent job of delivering a good pie to the table but I'm more impressed with the pastas. However, it is on this list because my children are sold on the pizza, my wife is sold on the salads and the beer list is impressive. Toss in a take out counter and plenty of good desserts and you'll find yourself here having an affordable family meal.

9. Spago at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace for Pizza

Wolfgang Puck practically invented the idea of having a pizza that costs a little more and tastes a little better than the cardboard thing that is usually delivered to your front door. I should preface that with a statement that explains the gourmet pizza on the West Coast before every East Coast reader sends me the hate mail about the place on Steinway off the R train or the little place that has been making pies since the 50's in their neighborhood. Wolfgang Puck made it okay to have a nice tablecloth, a decent wine list and a pizza while in a classy place. Spago is still that place and if you have an afternoon on your Las Vegas vacation you might as well treat yourself to great people watching and a pizza at Spago.

10. Pizza at La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas

You'll be heading to La Cave because they have some decent flatbread but if you are having it on the patio with a few friends and some wine it is an alternative to some stuffy meal elsewhere on the property. The place is casual yet slightly upscale and it is open late. If you are gearing up for a night at XS or Tryst you'll find that La Cave will help in getting the party started.

11. Cheap, No-nonsense Pizza at Treasure Island

This is simple pizza, it's a counter, it's fast and it's cheap. 2 slices and a beer for $10. Nothing fancy, no fancy ingredients, no guy at the door to greet you, just a quick cheap slice of pizza in Las Vegas. This is a cheap option if you are staying at the Treasure Island or if you are going to the pool. Grab some to go and you are good.

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