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Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar

Embracing Better Choices When Eating out in Las Vegas

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Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar

Mediterranean Wrap at Daily Kitchen in Summerlin, Las Vegas

It is rare that I venture off the Las Vegas strip for a meal. Frankly, I could spend every day on the strip and eat at a different spot. However, do you ever get tired of eating? Do you ever get that feeling that there is nothing on any menu in any restaurant that will make you happy. If so, you might want to check out the Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar.

This is not the health food place where the guy in the Birkenstocks gives you the “look” because you chose not to carpool. Listen, I have a nice bike that I should ride but I don’t make the time. I have a gym quality spinning bike in my bedroom that serves as the perfect place to hang my frumpy clothes. That Stairmaster in my office is just for show, I take the elevator.

Instead, when I eat I have to make better choices. This is where the Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar seems to be created exactly for me.


Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar
3645 South Town Center Drive
Las Vegas , Nevada 89135-3020
Get directions to Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar
Phone: 702.685.7100
Find them on Facebook: facebook.com/DailyKitchen
Find them on Twitter: @dailykitchen

See the Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar website

Cuisine at Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar: Good, fresh, regular food. It’s healthy but it’s not obscure

Reservations for Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar: Not required

Price Range at Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar: inexpensive

Hours at Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar:
Open daily for breakfast, lunch and early dinner.

Attire: Casual

Raw Tuscan Kale Salad at Daily Kitchen Las Vegas

What it’s like at Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar?
If you are a visitor this is the place you’ll head to if you happen to be in the neighborhood. So you went hiking, climbing or biking in Red Rock Canyon, this place is perfect for you. It is a super casual counter place with a few tables and some inexpensive food that is both delicious and not to particularly bad for you. In fact even though it taste great it actually is good for you.

You live in Las Vegas? Perfect. This is the place you’ll hit when you don’t want to make dinner, (The portions are huge) when you want something that is not laced with so much fat you’ll need to double up on the cholesterol pills or when you want to go out with the family but you want casual, good food that just so happens to be good for you as well.

This is not a date place unless your significant other is like my wife and wants to eat well but also is always worried about the calories. If I show up with any of a number of items on their menu I can pretty much write my own ticket for the rest of the day. Do you need to watch hockey all day, grab a Mediterranean Wrap and a Raw Tuscan Kale salad and not only will you be watching television all day you might even get you feet rubbed.

How’s the food at Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar?
Fresh, healthy and pretty close to fabulous. It’s not some super fancy approach to food. It’s fresh, quality, ingredients put together in such a way that they become addicting. Kale, quinoa, citrus vinaigrette are simply the tools they use to make your body crave food that is not greasy, salty or fatty.

What you should try Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar:
I tried a ton of stuff but these are a few of my favorites, click on the link if you want a bit more of a description, but be warned the pictures will make you hungry.
  • Raw Tuscan Kale and Captain Planet - I make juice once a week and the juice here is leaps and bounds better. The kale salad has me dicussing greens at dinner parties.
  • Acai Bowl - I can get special favors from my wife because of this dish. Is that wrong that she loves her granola?
  • Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes - You know those pancakes you usually have when you go out for breakfast? After you try these you’ll stop ordering that junk from your favorite breakfast spot.
  • DK Protein Plate - Now I’m in love with artichoke hearts. Who knew?
  • Mediterranean Wrap - They call it a wrap but it looks like a monster burrito that is jammed with so much flavor you’ll save some for later only to get into your car and eat the rest.
  • Sugar Snap Pea & Quinoa with Tofu - It is sad to me that I am praising tofu but I am. I’m a meat guy but I have to tell you that the combination of flavors has me wanting to have this as my side with my grilled piece of beef in my backyard.
  • Ahi Tuna Tacos - The only way I could enjoy these more is if I was in Honokowai Beach Park in West Maui watching a sunset while sipping a Mana Wheat with the tacos..

Ahi Tuna Tacos at Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar

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