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Can I get Starbucks Coffee in Las Vegas


Question: Can I get Starbucks Coffee in Las Vegas
This would seem like an obvious question but people seem to be curious about finding Starbucks coffee on the Las Vegas strip. The one addiction that most of us can share in and Las Vegas is just as happy about coffee as you are.
Answer: If you are looking for Starbucks coffee you will easily find it on the Las Vegas strip. There are quite a few stores up and down Las Vegas Blvd. Some are bigger than others but you'll get the liquid gold you desire each morning. The Mirage has a fairly large Starbucks that even has a couple of leather chairs. Most, however, are on the small side so don't expect to your write your first novel at one of the Starbucks on the Las Vegas strip.

Here is a map to the Starbucks locations in Las Vegas:
Map to Starbucks in Las Vegas

Also, don't expect free Wifi in any of the Starbucks locations, I'm not saying it does not exist it's just that it is not a common occurrence to get something for free in Las Vega except for drinks. Well, even drinks require you to gamble. Some location have it but I find that most do not. If you find one that does, please let me know.

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