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Breakfast in Las Vegas at Margaritaville


Jimmy Buffet and Some Huevos Rancheros at Margaritaville Las Vegas
Breakfast in Las Vegas at Margaritaville

The Huevos Rancheros at Margaritaville Las Vegas

You should know that I'm a huge Jimmy Buffet fan. Huge. So, the truth is I really can't be trusted when I tell you that you should have a meal at Margaritaville in Las Vegas. I mean who really wants to have a great time listening to music that transports you to the islands? Who wants to sing along to songs you forgot you knew the words to? I mean who really wants to spend their life in shorts and flip flops with those silly umbrellas in their drinks? I get it, you don't want any of that?

All I'm saying is that if for an instant you thought you might want to smile, you might want to sing out loud and you might want to start your morning with a meal that is far more about fun and less about culinary magic, well, then you should walk over to the Flamingo Hotel and take a seat at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

Listening to Volcano as I sip my coffee I could easily be on the Big Island or Montserrat but instead I'm down the street from an erupting volcano on the Las Vegas strip. I order up a Key West Mary, nothing like a shrimp garnish in the morning, and I sing along to "Living on sponge cake..."

How can you not be happy while having your morning start at Margaritaville.

A few things to consider for breakfast at Margaritaville Las Vegas:

  • Huevos Rancheros with scrambled instead of poached eggs. Spanish red sauce is real good, with a tiny bit of citrus it makes me feel like I'm in Cabo eating on the beach. It's the Chorizo that is exciting in this meal. Scrambled, with a little added avocado.
  • The Omelets are plentiful the French Quarter, Chicken, Andouille Sausage, onion, red, yellow and green bell peppers, jack cheese and a spicy jambalaya tomato sauce
  • Two egg scramble comes with potatoes and toast for $7.95. What a deal for breakfast in Las Vegas
  • Two pancakes, two eggs, bacon, toast and so much food you and a friend can eat for under $15 total.

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