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The Best Meatball in Las Vegas


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The Meatball at LAVO at The Palazzo is Fabulous
The Best Meatball in Las Vegas

The Meatball at LAVO at The Palazzo

Photo by Zeke Quezada
Forget that the meatball at LAVO is the perfect combination of beef, pork and veal. Pay no attention to the whipped Ricotta and the very tasty tomato sauce that is adding a little extra zest to the flavorful ball of joy. What you should be excited about is the ability to combine the meatball with some of their bread to form your very own sandwich.

While at Martorano's it was as if I had insulted them when I brought up the idea of the perfect meatball sandwich. At LAVO I was told that it has been done on a few occasions and I fantasized about getting that huge piece of meat into a loaf of bread with a little extra tomato sauce and some Mozzarella.

The meatball at LAVO has all the components of the perfect meal. It's ample enough for you to over eat. It is dripping with flavor and if you don't get a little sauce on your shirt you must not be enjoying your meal. LAVO is a the type of restaurant that will attract a clientele that is about to get ready for a night of Las Vegas entertainment. My suggestion would be to get there early and have a meatball and some bread before the place fills up with the good looking people who might frown on your construction of the best meatball sandwich in Las Vegas.

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While you are at LAVO you might also want to try a few other things such as the Ravioli or the Branzino. The Penne Seafood Alfredo is in a light cream sauce that is dreamy and on the verge of too decadent. It's buttery and slightly cheesy with the flavorful lobster and scallops that tempt you to wipe the bowl clean with some bread.

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