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Simple Yet So Extravagant, Bellagio Las Vegas


When you think of opulence in Las Vegas it is difficult not to immediately think of the Bellagio. It is the complete package for high end Las Vegas luxury. When I think of Bellagio I can imagine myself having a meal at Le Cirque with a view of the Bellagio fountains. I think of the gardens and their ever changing displays. The pool area calls me to dip my feet into the refreshing water while I sample an exquisite cocktail. Evenings bring cocktails at HYDE Bellagio and then dancing at Bank nightclub. Don't forget the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, the spa or the chocolate fountain.

1. The Hotel at the Bellagio

Photograph © 2012 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
They really didn't have to but they recently renovated the rooms at Bellagio Las Vegas. They have all the fancy stuff you should expect along with views of the fountains and giant tubs perfect for soaking. The furniture has been upgraded and everything in the room is far more streamlined. The new wallpaper makes me want a glass of Prosecco and I cannot begin to tell you why. The bedding is so soft and welcoming that if you even touch the bed in the middle of the day I can guarantee you'll have to work just to get up.

2. HYDE Bellagio

You'll want to wear your good clothes and be ready to sink into a comfortable couch and have a long conversation. HYDE Bellagio is so nice you'll almost question if you belong and then the customer service kicks in and you realize you might not leave. Early in the evening the atmosphere is very laid back ultra lounge where you can have a conversation. As the sun sets the energy picks up and you are treated to an environment more closely resembling the Las Vegas nightclub.

3. Le Cirque at Bellagio Las Vegas

If there is a restaurant that exhibits everything that Bellagio Las Vegas would have you believe they are it is Le Cirque. Outstanding customer service, friendly welcoming staff and a level of quality that is hard to match. This is the real deal and you owe it to yourself to have a meal, have an experience and make some memories at Le Cirque.

4. The Fountains at the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
The best free show and one of the most romantic spots on the Las Vegas strip. Take a look at the show through pictures of one of the many free performances held right on the lake in front of the hotel. Each and every evening you can stand out front and listen to the music as the Bellagio Fountains do their thing. They are a Las Vegas icon and you will take so many pictures you'll miss the entire show. Don't worry, another show will start soon enough.

5. The Gardens at the Bellagio Hotel

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Another free attraction at the Bellagio are the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. Seasonal displays will stimulate your interest in botany as well as make you want to go home and prune those bushes that you have been neglecting. This is one of those Las Vegas attractions that is different every time you visit Las Vegas and it also never get s old. I am impressed by the Bellagio Gardens each and every time and I see them way too often.

6. Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio Hotel

Luxury nightlife and never ending energy and excitement can be found at Bank at the Bellagio hotel. Treat yourself to a little VIP service and relax high roller style. You can also start the eveing at Lily Lounge and the make your way over to Bank. Remember, this is the Bellagio so make sure you are dressed properly.

7. Olives at the Bellagio Hotel

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Mediterranean cuisine that will tempt you to change your zip code. The food is incredible and the atmosphere guarantees you'll have a fabulous evening. If possible get a seat on the patio in order to catch a glimpse of the Bellagio fountains. They do not disappoint. Olives is one of my favorite spots for lunch in Las Vegas.

8. The Pool at the Bellagio Hotel

Photo Courtesy of MGM Mirage
Talk about luxury, even your body gets a better tan at the Bellagio. Well, maybe not, but it felt like that. The entire area is landscaped to look impeccable and the staff is very alert to your every need. Put your life on pause and enjoy the Belagio pool. Don't worry, you won't get the super loud music and annoying frat boys in the water at Bellagio Las Vegas.

9. "O" from Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio Hotel

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Imagine a very large pool and every synchronized swimmer you have ever seen. Now consider that those synchronized swimmers married world class gymnasts and had children who lived in the pool. This show is unbelievable!

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