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Pictures of Dale Chihuly Glass Structure in Las Vegas

Chihuly Public Installation in Las Vegas


Pictures of Dale Chihuly Glass Structure in Las Vegas
Over two thousand glass flowers hover over your head as you await the check-in experience at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The Dale Chihuly glass sculpture is a one of a kind piece of art that is very Las Vegas.

Fiori di Como is a garden of hand blown glass that is one of Dale Chihuly’s better known public installations. The entire structure weighs over 40,000 pounds, there are more than 2,000 flowers displayed in the glass garden. The structure is a representation of Italian Fields in the spring. The structure is said to be worth about 3 million give or take a few million and trying to get a straight answer as to how much it really cost to create is impossible.

I have seen the structure thousands of times but I always seem to pick out new things when I stop and stare for long periods of time. The Bellagio Hotel lobby is the perfect place for the Dale Chihuly sculpture for two reasons: plenty of people visit the Bellagio who are familiar with Chihuly and his work and secondly, a lot more people have no clue the Dale Chihuly creates these glass structures and they can be found around the world. The Bellagio Las Vegas does its part to introduce art to the common Las Vegas visitor and some of us get to enjoy what we have already appreciated for a long time.

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