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The Girl's Trip to Las Vegas

Girl's Weekend at CityCenter Las Vegas


It didn't take much to convince my wife to spend a couple of days with one of her friends at CityCenter to indulge in a Girl's Getaway. Why would it? She would experience a spa day, fine dining, signature cocktails and countless hours sitting by the pool doing the thing she loves best: talking about girl stuff with other women. What I did not expect was her being pampered beyond belief and feeling as though she should do this far more regularly. Thank you Aria Resort, now my wife really loves you.

Here is her story and some of the must dos for your Girl's Getaway to Las Vegas.

1. All The Details on the Girl's Getaway to CityCenter Las Vegas

All the details minus the incriminating details, if you know what I mean. We had drinks, we laughed, we might have flirted with a guy or two and we might have found an entirely new way to relax. I should mention fabulous service at Blossom, Pomegranate Caipirinhas and the Poultice Massage.

2. The Pool at Aria Las Vegas

We spent a little time at Liquid at Aria and we enjoyed our time lounging on the daybed with drinks in our hands but our idea of an afternoon party went better without the music and a lot of time to catch up on the old gossip we just don't get to share anymore. Instead, we found a couple of spots by the Aria pool, ordered a few drinks and had a fun time talking and laughing.

3. Feeling Special While Eating Right at Aria Resort

There are so many fabulous restaurants at Aria Las Vegas and while the food is good the service is better. We felt as if we were the most important people in the restaurant. Two girls, laughing, sampling food and enjoying the feeling of being completely taken care of incredible service. Blossom was a world away, Julian Serrano was as if we were in a friend's kitchen and Jean Philippe took care of our sweet tooth.

4. The Rooms at Aria Las Vegas

The soft robes, the thick towels, the hand lotion, the space in the restroom and the shower! The bed has these pillows that allowed me to doze off in the middle of the day with my iPod playing in the background. The comfortable chair with a view of the Las Vegas strip and CityCenter was so mesmerizing that I never turned on the giant television.

5. Spa Days for The Girls in Las Vegas

Entirely relaxing, spa days should be mandatory for all women at least once a month. That is what I'm going with and after my poultice treatment and a quick nap on the Ganbanyoku Beds how could I or you expect anything less. Spend a day recharging every ounce of your body at the Aria Spa. Don't rush through, lounge, take your time, consider the fitness center and then spend far too long in the salt room. Relax in the sauna, the steam room even a hot tub. Spa days are meant to completely take you away to another more relaxed place.

6. Shopping at Crystals at CityCenter

What girl does not completely enjoy a day of walking around and trying on some nice stuff and eventually walk out with a few bags worth of fun? Let's just say that a nice bracelet from Tiffany's found its way onto my wrist and I left with a smile. I'm just saying that if the girls are going to get away some time must be reserved for a little shopping at Crystals at CityCenter.

7. The Girls, A Few Drinks and Some Nightlife at CityCenter Las Vegas

We started at the View Bar, had another at Bar Moderno, flirted at Gold Lounge and then danced at Haze. Somehow we also stood and watched the scrolling marquee of Jenny Holzer's artwork outside as the night was ending. If you want to consider the evening a success, there is very little memory of what exactly went on, we just knew it was more fun than we ever anticipated.

8. The CityCenter Art Collection - Yes, The Girls Appreciate Art

CityCenter Land, LLC
Being an art major there is no way I would miss taking a stroll around CityCenter to see the collection. Even though i had already glanced at Jenny Holzer's work earlier that morning/the night before, I saw it again. I also admired Nancy Rubin's, Big Edge and Richard Long's, Circle of Life and Death. Yes, us girl's are far more fascinating than you might think

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