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Planning a Girl's Getaway to Las Vegas


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Nightclubs for the Girls Weekend in Las Vegas
Planning a Girl's Getaway to Las Vegas

Fun - Carnival Court at Harrahs
The carnival court is fun, free to get in and outside. For the money you cannot possibly have more fun anywhere else in Las Vegsa. The people lack the pretentiousness that you find in Las vegas clubs and there is no VIP line to get in. The Girls will have a a great time dancing, drinking and socializing at Carnaval Court at Harrah’s

Adventurous Studio 54
Studio 54 is the real deal when it comes to nightclubs. You might have to wait to get in, but a group of women rarely wait long. The atmosphere lends itself to an adventurous time but “discreet” is easier at Studio 54.

Wild LAX
LAX at the Luxor will easily make your girls vacation the thing to talk about for the next twenty years. Someone will meet someone, someone will fall in love and some one might have an affair. I warned you, the place gets wild and women in packs rule the dance floor. Consider a VIP table and watch as the guys fall over themselves to try to have a seat and a conversation with you.

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