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The Girl's Guide to CityCenter Las Vegas

Girl Talk, Spa Day and the Feminine Approach to Las Vegas


Seeing the look on their faces was enough, hearing about the foray into relaxation made me jealous. I sent my wife away to explore, experience and enjoy CityCenter, she was more than willing to share her story.

The Arrival
So my girlfriend and I were giddy as we checked into the Aria Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas at the thought of having a few days free from searching for restaurants with kid menus, censoring our adult conversations to more kid (and husband) friendly versions and getting all pruney after spending countless hours in the shallow end of a pool with our families.

We wasted no time changing into our swimsuits and heading down to the pool café at Aria, Breeze Cafe. I don’t know whether it was the cool misters, the girl talk or the great drinks, but the summer heat melted away and it was nice to be at an outdoor restaurant and starting to relax.

Lunch at Breeze Café at Aria Pool
Our leisurely lunch at the Breeze Café began with a Pomegranate Caipirinha. Simply refreshing, so much so that we could not stop drinking them, we ordered another round. The grilled Mahi Mahi that came atop a bed of julienne vegetables along with my fruity drink and I could have been having lunch in Maui. My friend had the Cesar Salad with grilled chicken and we passed the time with girl talk.

The Pool at Aria
We decided to go check out the Liquid Pool Lounge at the Aria Pool. After checking the list, one of the big hunky guys at the door walked us over to our daybed and the cocktail waitress immediately headed over to take our order for two more Pomegranate Caipirinhas. We sat upright in the comfy beds, sucked in our abdomens, cursed ourselves for not working out more and watched all the pretty people frolic in the pool. Females clearly outnumbered the males, but the few men that were there were all smiling. The dance music was blaring, the sun was blazing and the people watching was pretty fascinating.We eventually decided to venture out to the Pool at Aria in search of what we were really looking forward to…somewhere a bit more mellow where we could continue our session of girl talk and possibly take a nap without having to suck in our guts.

The Rooms at Aria Las Vegas
I'd like to say that the afternoon was spent being productive in some form instead we sampled pomegranate drinks from the pool and talked about the possibility of a nap. 4 years, 9 months, it had been that long since I had taken a nap in the middle of the day. The view from my guestroom at Aria melted away into my subconscious and the soft bed and pillows fought away any distractions. I would rise refreshed and prepared to take on an eventful evening.

Dinner at Blossom
The staff was as friendly and welcoming as the people at our local Chinese restaurant, being treated as if you are a regular is one of the prizes of fine dining, Blossom was no exception. However, the food did not even compare to what my neighborhood take out passes off as traditional cuisine. From the Goose Liver with Black Pepper to the Jumbo Shrimp in garlic Butter sauce we were treated to such a dining experience that we almost stopped the girl talk just to enjoy the attentive service and the delectable flavors we were presented with. Our meal concluded with a small tray of round cookies covered in sesame seeds which the server said were meant to make you smile. That they did!

Dancing at Aria Las Vegas
After dinner we headed over to the View bar to have a flight of girlie drinks. We sampled the Vettro’s Garden, Aria’s version of the Bloody Mary, The Diva, which contrary to the name was extremely nice as it combined Passion Fruit Vodka and fresh strawberries and finally, my favorite a Caipirinha.

Our next stop took us to Gold Lounge where we raced past the guy at the door as if we were two schoolgirls cutting class a little too early. The drinks gave us a bit too much liquid courage. He raced over to flag us down and wouldn’t you know it, he asked for our ID’s. Apparently, all the relaxing had made us look so much younger! A few drinks later and we were off to Haze for some frolicking and maybe even a little flirtatious behavior.

Day Two at Aria Resort
The next morning we began our day at Jean Phillippe Patisserie with a couple of croissants, some coffee and a recap of the previous evening's adventures. There would be no blushing this morning, it was spa day!

The Spa at Aria
After much debate as to what to wear under our robes at the Spa at Aria, we realized that many of the rooms are coed, so a swimsuit is the way to go here. In case you are wondering, they do have a info on spa etiquette on the Spa at Aria Website. The salt room was really just a room with interesting walls, but it was relaxing to lay in for a while. My favorite room was the Ganbanyoku Beds where we laid on stone beds and rested our weary heads on bamboo pillows. Didn’t seem like it would be very soft or relaxing, but I almost dozed off.

After catching up on my favorite celebrity gossip, Nessa my massage therapist whisked me off and began working her magic. I had the poultice massage. A poultice I learned is a sachet filled with Thai herbs that she used in conjunction with her magic fingers to loosen all of the balls of stress that I had harbored over the pre-summer season. The combination of herbs, the therapeutic oil and the interesting conversation we had about food, cooking and drinking made me completely relaxed and ready for lunch.

Lunch at Julian Serrano
My girlfriend and I headed over to Julian Serrano’s restaurant for lunch. We each ordered Red Sangria, but the server also brought us a taste of the white sangria. Customer service and a feeling of familiarity seem to be the norm at Julian Serrano. Some appetizers, some paella, some seared scallops that were life changing and the meal was outstanding.

Our day would be filled with shopping at Crystals at CityCenter and more lounging by the pool and possibly a few more Pomegranate Caipirinhas, but our afternoon would be a leisurely lunch of girl talk, good food and escaping, if just for a moment in time, into our girl’s getaway at CityCenter Las Vegas.

Thanks to my lovely wife for contributing to this piece and working hard to experience everything at CityCenter Las Vegas

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