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The Best Thrill Rides in Las Vegas

Need Something To Do in Las Vegas?


If you need more thrills than watching a guy split tens you need a Las Vegas roller coaster. Las Vegas provides enough thrill rides to satiate the thrill seeker in you. What do you want to do, jump off a tower, skydive indoors, swim with sharks, you can do it in Las Vegas.

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What You’ll Be Doing In Las Vegas?

1. SkyJump Las Vegas at Stratosphere Las Vegas

Las Vegas - The Stratosphere Sky Jump
crdunn/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0
Why would anyone want to leap off the top of a tower and head straight down to the Las Vegas Strip? Maybe the question I should be asking is why wouldn’t you? 829 feet of decelerated freefall and you are treated to an adrenaline rush that only Las Vegas can give you.

2. Sky Combat Ace

Tumbling a plane seems unnatural but it's a lot of fun. Get in a plane and take the controls with Sky Combat Ace.

3. Manhattan Express Roller Coaster at New York / New York

A monster drop and a loop and all out on the Las Vegas strip the Manhattan Express will give you what you need when it comes to thrills and roller coasters in Las Vegas.

4. Adventuredome at Circus Circus Hotel

Get wet, get flipped, get tossed and soon you find yourself trying it all over again. Adventuredome at Circus Circus gives you climate controlled fun in a large indoor amusement park. There are plenty of thrills for all ages, with a roller coaster for the small kids and a roller coaster for the big kids.

5. Fly Away Indoor Skydiving

You know you want to do it but the idea of plummeting to your painful death from 12,000 feet has stopped you. Go indoors and sky dive in Las Vegas without the sky and with very lttle diving.

6. X scream and the Stratosphere Tower Rides

The stratosphere gives you three opportunities to thrill yourself into an alcohol induced coma. Try Big Shot, Insanity and/or Xscream and soon you'll realize that thrills are what Las Vegas should be famous for.

7. Mountain Biking Las Vegas

Single Tracks and nasty descents are what real Las vegas thrill are all about and you can partake in some great riding that will get your adrenaline pumping all around the Las Vegas valley.

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