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12 Ways To Experience Las Vegas

What I Would Do Right Now in Las Vegas


You want to get the full Las Vegas experience but with so many options you are driving yourself nuts just trying to figure out what you should do? No worries, take a deep breath and check out a few of these experiences and then graduate to the 100 things to do in Las Vegas  list.

People ask me everyday what to do in Las Vegas. So here are a few suggestions but realistically they are only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas and these things are what I would do right now. Don't hurry to make a decision, take your time and do a little research.

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1. Diving with Sharks at Shark Reef

You rest your knees on the coral sand and you watch the sharks make their way around the Shark Reef Aquarium. It is exhilarating and as good as it can get if you are a SCUBA diver. There is a greater sense of calm as these sharks barely even notice you. Dive in the open ocean and the sharks look hungrier whereas at Shark Reef these incredible creatures glide past and you want the moment to last forever. It's a must do if you are a certified diver.

2. Sampling Beers at Public House

Photo Courtesy of Pubic House
I'm a beer lover and these days and cannot be any happier that craft brews are taking center stage. At Public House not only are you getting great beers but you are also getting an explanation of why they have been added to the menu from the resident Cicerone. Yes, they have a beer expert on staff that will help you make the right choices when thinking of what beers to have.

3. Golf at Shadow Creek

This is one of those golf courses that might have to be on your bucket list if you are a Las Vegas fan. You'll need to stay at an MGM Resort International Property and pay a huge price but the course is impressive.

4. The Burger at L’Atelier

Just enough Foie Gras on your beef and you will never be able to have a burger any other way. It is amazing and this burger will change your life. This is a burger that requires a great wine so don't worry about ruining the back yard barbeque burger. This is one of those things that is really an only in Vegas type of thing to do.

5. Touring the Gold Mine at El Dorado Canyon

Walk through an old gold mine and get a feel for the Southern Nevada desert. I'm not entirely sure that you'll think that it is a destination attraction but you will be impressed by the small gift shop/office. You'll also be intrigued by the "stuff" around the property.

6. Laughing at Absinthe the Show at Caesars Palace

Melody Sweets at Absinthe at Caesars Palace
Photo by Tom Donoghue
You might blush and you definitely will laugh. I'm sure you'l have a few favorite characters and if you start dressing like the Gazillionaire your wife might be upset but I'm sure your friends will love having you over for dinner parties.

7. Spa Day at Canyon Ranch Spa

Photo Courtesy of Venetian Las Vegas
I'll take five showers in one day at the Canyon Ranch Spa. They have water that makes you feel like you are in a rain forest. There is a room that is so cold it will redefine shrinkage. Toss in the workout rooms and the classes and you have a day long series of experiences that will keep you happy.

8. Sitting on the Balcony at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The view is impressive from the Cosmopolitan Hotel but I really enjoy sitting on the comfortable furniture and taking in all of Las Vegas. If I'm lucky I have a drink and I attempt to take a nap on a terrace on the Las Vegas strip.

9. The Beach and Lazy River at Mandalay Bay

This is the best pool in Las Vegas if you really need a pool day. You'll get a cocktail, a lazy river and a wave pool. Yeah, it is pretty sweet.

10. Jump off the Stratosphere Tower

Photo Courtesy of SkyJump Las Vegas
It is a controlled free fall but you'll have to convince your feet to step off the platform from 840 feet off the ground. As you fall, try to take a breath and take a few mental snap shots as the horizon moves vertically.

11. Dancing at XS Las Vegas

Photo by Barbara Craft
It's outdoors and the pretty people are swarming all around you. If it's a nightclub you want then XS is the place you want to be at.

12. CityCenter Fine Art Collection

Yes, I can attempt to appreciate art even after all those drinks and spa treatments. So can you. Head to Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts or the Garage at Cosmopolitan if you need more art after walking around the public art installation at CityCenter.

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