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Go Weightless at Vegas Indoor Skydiving


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Skydive Indoors in Las Vegas
Go Weightless at Vegas Indoor Skydiving
I should warn you before you read on that the feeling of floating through the air without having to jump out of an airplane can be addicting. If you take your children they will talk your ear off about the experience and if you do it you'll have a hard time not starting every sentence with "I went skydiving today." You have been warned, it's about as much fun as you can have in Las Vegas and not be on the edge of the what is socially acceptable.

From the moment you walk into Vegas Indoor Skydiving you get the feeling that they know how to have fun in this place. From the people that greet you as you walk into the room to your flight instructor, everyone takes the time to make you feel welcome, to answer your questions and to assure you of having a good time.

You might consider the safety factor when deciding if you want to attempt to indoor skydive but quickly your fears are put to rest by the professionalism that is exhibited in the training class to the completely relaxed approach to a daring activity.

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What's it going to cost you to Indoor skydive?
Prices at Vegas Indoor Skydiving : Flights start at $75

  • Single Flight - $75.00 - 1 flight for 1 person
  • Repeat Flight - $40.00 - 2nd Flight same day
  • Book of 5 - $200.00 - 5 flights for 1 person
  • Coaching Pkg. - $250.00 - 5 Flight with Video
    1 person (by reservation only)
  • Family Block - $325.00 15 minute block with Video

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