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Exotics Racing Las Vegas


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The Experience at Exotics Racing Las Vegas
Exotics Racing Las Vegas

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

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What to Expect at Exotics Racing -Las Vegas?
You’ll spend some time in a classroom understanding exactly what you will be doing on the track. Once you understand that you will be driving a very powerful vehicle at a high rate of speed through a race course that includes long straight-aways and fast turns you listen with some intent.

After your classroom instruction where you have learned the terms and instructional clues on the track you are given a ride for some familiarization laps where you learn how to handle each corner and your instructor explains the breaking points and the acceleration symbols.

After the instruction you are ready to drive and you grab your helmet and strap into your car with an instructor who will get the most out of you. You’ drive faster than you thought was possible and you’ll have to refrain from smiling so as to concentrate through the turns.

You’ll get a technical briefing that goes over:
- Proper driving position
- Steering technique
- Car particularities-power-gearbox specifics
- Proper racing lines
- Weight transfer, braking and acceleration with powerful cars

Drifting Experience
Drifting. The idea that you over steer at high speed into a turn while maintaining control with your front tires. When done at very high speed you’ll smell the melting of rubber on the tires and the pull of all of Newton’s Laws of Motion. Also, it will give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Oh, I drifted at Exotics Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I drifted so much I think I forgot to breathe a couple of times. I looked at the speedometer and we hit 120 coming out of a turn and barely even slowed down when we began our drift into the next turn. The car slides through a right hand turn and then shoots into the straight away. I tried to scream with joy but nothing came out because.

Riding along in the Corvette Z06 the driver took the car to its limits while nearly melting away the tires. "How do you not do this on a regular street in your everyday car.” The driver looked over at me and smiled. “I drive a truck to save me from myself, because this is so much fun."

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