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Exotics Racing Las Vegas


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Pedal to the Metal At Exotics Racing Las Vegas
Exotics Racing Las Vegas
Sitting inside a Ferrari 430 Scuderia at Exotics Racing Las Vegas I have to admit feels good in a way that I think men can appreciate more than women. That’s not sexist; it’s just that women will always be able to make a baby. Men, we have to seek out other forms of stimulation that make us feel powerful. The Ferrari is that avenue to strength. I’m positive I look far more attractive in a fast car in a bright red paint job. The helmet convinces me I can drive fast and the sound of the engine confirms what I suspected.

I’m awesome.

I race down the straightaway at over 100 mph and hit the turn right at the moment when my instructor points out the markers to take full advantage of the cars ability to hug the asphalt at high speed. My hands caress the steering wheel as if I was born to drive a fine Italian race car. I accelerate out of the turn and the engine roars with increased speed and adhesive traction.

I’ve never felt so alive!

Exotics Racing -Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway
7000 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89115
Follow the signs and you’ll see the track on the left

Phone: 702-405-RACE(7223)

See the Exotics Racing -Las Vegas website

Hours for Exotics Racing -Las Vegas: Open Tuesday through Sunday – Check their website for specific schedules. See the Exotics Racing -Las Vegas website

Description of Exotics Racing -Las Vegas:
You get inside an expensive supercar and you are encouraged to speed. You are instructed on how to take advantage of everything the car has been designed to do. You are pushed to the spot in your soul where you feel like you are on the verge of breaking into the racing circuit.

You feel safe, you fell in control and you leave exotics racing feeling like you could drive that fast everyday of the week.

Part of the 100 Days of Fun This Summer in Las Vegas

Is Exotics Racing-Las Vegas Safe?
The instructors at Exotics Racing do a very good job of giving you the tools necessary to get the most out of the experience while allowing you to push your own limits. The instruction stresses safety and proper technique.

How Much Does Exotics Racing -Las Vegas cost?
Ride-alongs start at $99 with 20 laps in a Ferrari 458 going up to $1449. Check their website for packages and specials.

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