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Ethel M Chocolates Las Vegas


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The Chocolate Lovers Fantasy at Ethel M Chocolates
Ethel M Chocolates Las Vegas
I have an issue with chocolate. It never cooperates when I eat it. You would think that because of my loyalty to the sweet stuff it would show some solidarity with my quest. No. Chocolate is rude like that. My problem with chocolate is simple, the minute I eat it, the chocolate attempts to control me. It attempts to make me want more. It practically forces my hand to want more. It can make me do bad things. It makes me hide small pieces in places around the house and sneak in the extra calories at odd hours.

Chocolate and I have a love hate relationship. I love to eat it and I hate to stop once I do.

That logically leads me to Ethel M Chocolates and their self guided tour of their factory in Las Vegas. I take a stroll through the factory and get all these great fun facts that I can share with my fellow chocolate loving friends and then as I reach the end of the tour I get free samples! The only issue I have with Ethel M Chocolates is the fact that they try to push their brittle on me.

Listen people of Ethel M Chocolates, you know who you are, I already have an addiction I do not need another one. I don't need that Pecan brittle that is crunchy, sweet and full of so much flavor I would trade one of my children for a box of it. I don't need it. I'll sample it and maybe I'll even buy a small portion but please don't make it available in a one pound box. It's not fair!

Yes, I have no will power or self discipline.

Ethel M Chocolates
1 Sunset Way
Henderson, NV 89014
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