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The Best Shows in Las Vegas


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Mystere at Treasure Island Las Vegas
The Best Shows in Las Vegas

Why it's one of the best shows in Las Vegas
This is the first Cirque du Soliel show to hit Las Vegas and I still think it is among the best. There is a story line and the pre-show entertainment is worth getting to the showroom 30 minutes early. The drums from high above set the tone and the visual display of athleticism is worth every penny of the cost of a ticket to Mystere.  I really enjoy this show because it works for everybody from young to old. My children have seen it and loved it and my mother-in-law loved it. (she doesn't like anything) This is pure Cirque du Soleil and it is one of the best shows in Las Vegas simply because it has lasted this long and continues to pack them in.


Show times for Mystere at Treasure Island
Saturday - Wednesday 7 & 9:30 pm
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