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Have a Low Cost Meal at wichcraft at MGM Grand


Have a Low Cost Meal at wichcraft at MGM Grand
Photo courtesy of MGM Mirage
I'm a sucker for good design and I am quick to try a place that looks nice. Tom Colicchio the celebrity chef across the way at Craftsteak takes a shot at sandwiches and it is safe to say you have never had something so special. The place looks nice on the outside but the stuff they are creating on the inside is why you should visit.

I have plenty of opportunities to have sandwiches in Las Vegas, I love to eat and I hit the roast beef and pastrami as hard as anyone. At wichcraft the art of the sandwich is taken very seriously:

  • Roast beef, lettuce, red onion, tomato and horseradish mayo on a roll - The roll is the trick, it's just roast beef but the ingredients must have pulled out of the ground seconds before. The lettuce is crispier than you have ever tasted and the onion have that red onion flavor that makes you want to eat an onion whole.
  • Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and whole grain mustard on rye bread - You're kidding me right? Who could avoid having this sandwich, it will make your knees buckle. The rye seems to have been baked as you ordered and the mustard mixed in with the sauerkraut cradles the flavors of the corned beef as they tantalize your taste buds. Order a second one for later on in the evening. This sandwich will do you good after a long night.
  • If you get there early the PB&J is a favorite with my & year old but my wife swears by the skirt steak sandwich. For breakfast, a little red meat, a fried egg and mushrooms on the perfect roll.

Sunday - Thursday, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Friday & Saturday, 10:00am - 8:00pm

Located on the Studio Walk in what seems like the back of the property. Follow the signs toward the monorail station or Studio Walk and you will eventually run into wichcraft. With so much to do in Las Vegas you might be interested in a few ways to spend your time in Las Vegas that you might not have heard about. Explore Las Vegas and fulfill that need to do what others only talk about doing.

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