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Sugarcane Lounge at Sushisamba in the Palazzo Las Vegas


Sugarcane Lounge at Sushisamba in the Palazzo Las Vegas
Photo Courtesy of Sushisamba
Fresh fruit infuse drinks and a boutique feel to Sugarcane lounge give you the comfort of dancing in your seat or having the enticing conversations that you have always wanted to engage in. The energy in the room gets you going in such a way that you will feel the Latin rhythms and a part of you will question why you have not visited South America during Carnival.

Explore the far reaches of Las Vegas and encounter that part of you that wants to have fun in a way that just is not possible back home.

While you are at the Sugarcane Lounge try these:

  • A Nina Fresca - Vodka, strawberries, orange liquor, lime guava. These drinks will have you moving like a tributary of the amazon. Be careful, one too many and you might move to Las Vegas, get married to a dealer and find yourself dancing for tips.
  • Mora negra - 10 cane, blackberry, lime, mango. This drink transfers me to a tiny beach bar where everyone smiles and is way too nice and soon you realize you want knew you've lost two weeks of you life
  • Calpirinha - Cachaca, lime, sugar. If you enjoy Mojitos have one with muddled fruit and slowly allow yourself to dance in your seat. Have another and you will enjoy SUGARCANE the way it is meant to be experienced

Sugarcane Lounge is located inside Sushisamba at the Palazzo Shops.

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