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Richard Petty Driving Experience in Las Vegas

Test Your Driving Skills at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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Richard Petty Driving Experience in Las Vegas
Before I begin to describe to you the feeling of racing around the Las Vegas speedway at the Richard Petty Driving Experience like a real NASCAR driver I need to fess up. I need to tell you that I really should have gone faster.
I could have gone faster.
But I didn't.
The car wanted to go faster.
It sounded like I was racing.
However, the truth is that while I was averaging 102 mph I really never went as fast as plenty of people take the cars at the Richard Petty Driving Experience.
“Roll up on the throttle” I can hear the voice of my driving instructor as we head out of each turn. In the straight-aways I can feel the engine coming to life. It roars with excitement and the car gets smoother and easier to handle. The roar of the engine lulls me into thinking I’m racing so fast I might be able to dump this writing gig and head to the track on the weekends to pick up my paychecks.

In reality, I was having such a good time maybe I wasn’t thinking about speed. I really never had this urge to go fast. The entire time I all I could think of was, “How cool is this?” Maybe I didn’t break any speed records but the complete sensory experience that is the Richard Petty Driving Experience was entirely sufficient for me. Every ounce of my body was engaged and alert and that is way better than some number on a stat sheet, right?

You’re right, I think they did the numbers wrong, I went so fast they took a picture of me and gave me a plaque to hang up in my office.

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Richard Petty Driving Experience -Las Vegas
Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway
7000 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Phone: 800-237-3889

See the Richard Petty Driving Experience -Las Vegas website

Hours for Richard Petty Driving Experience -Las Vegas: Tuesdays, Wednesday and weekends. Call for exact dates as they do vary

Description of Richard Petty Driving Experience -Las Vegas:
I always look better in a uniform and the minute you get to the Richard Petty Driving Experience they fit you for your driver’s jumpsuit. (I looked great) You’ll be completely immersed in the entire experience and if you love NASCAR this is the Las Vegas attraction that is right for you. You’ll get plenty of instruction on how to handle the car as well as all the tiny details that make this a very thrilling experience while at the same time very safe.

You’ll learn all about how to manage the track from accelerating out of a turn and how to manage the car to getting in and out before and after your ride. By the time you are done with the orientation, instruction and drivers meeting you’ll feel very confident about your ability to own the speedway.

Is Richard Petty Driving Experience -Las Vegas Safe
Safety is huge and they take great care to make sure you know every thing you need to know to make this a very enjoyable experience. There is a professional driver in the vehicle with you and he will explain all the details with you again. He’ll talk to you as you drive and when you hear his voice come through the helmet speakers you’ll feel like the crew chief is talking to you from the pit.

How Much Does Richard Petty Driving Experience -Las Vegas cost?
The rookie experience, 8 laps around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in a 600 horsepower car is $499. If you get the transportation from the Las Vegas strip the price is $549 however you also get a tour that is worth far more than the extra $50. (The tour is the way to go if you really enjoy the gearhead side of NASCAR racing).

Prices go up for more laps and you can also just go along for the ride for $109. 3 laps with a driver who will show you just how well these cars handle at high speed.

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