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Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas

Las Vegas From Up High With Maverick Helicopters

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Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas
Looking directly into the top of the Stratosphere Tower gives you a wild perspective. You bank left and go around the Las Vegas icon at the end of the strip and you can look south along the lights of Las Vegas.

The pilot tells you a story or two and you cannot believe your eyes. If you're lucky enough to be in the front seat you look down below your feet and right there you see fountains, a pyramid and the statue of liberty.

Flying over the Las Vegas strip at night is impressive when you see it from an airplane, when you do it from a helicopter it feels so much closer. You're close enough to the hotels that you feel as if you could just step off and stand on the roof of the Palazzo hotel.

The comfort and security is vital as the entire time there is a sense of professionalism and knowledge that eases your mind about hovering over the Las Vegas strip in a luxury helicopter.

It's a dramatic view of the Las Vegas strip and you are engaged both in conversation and in the sensory experience. There will not be a test after the flight but you will get a good lesson in Las Vegas. The knowledgeable pilots explain everything and will even give you a mini education on Las Vegas.

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Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas

Location: McCarran Airport
6075 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
The Maverick Helicopter offices are located directly across the street from the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign on the Las Vegas strip.

Phone: 888-261-4414

See the Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas website

Hours for Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas: Helicopter tours depart daily from their headquarters adjacent to McCarran Airport on the Las Vegas strip.

Description of Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas:
You’ll be greeted in VIP style by your pilot who will explain the tour, the helicopter and the safety instructions. Your pilot will walk you out to the helicopter and even pose for a picture with you if that’s what you are looking for. What you get is a real personal experience.

Once you are in the air the pilot will personally narrate the tour as well as answer any questions you have. Everyone on board is fitted with voice activated headsets and the conversations and reactions involve everyone in the aircraft.

You’ll fly in an Eco-Star helicopter with is pretty plush with large wraparound windows and comfortable seats. You get a really good view from every seat but I won’t lie to you that my favorite spot is right up front simply because I really enjoy the filling my own personal viewfinder with the entire view.

Is Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas Safe?
They do a good job of explaining the aircraft and its record as well as standing behind their own record for safety.

How Much Does Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas Cost?
I took the Vegas strip tour by night and the cost is $119. If you consider a Vegas show or meals in some of the above average restaurants you’ll figure out that it is a pretty good deal. Other tours include flights to the Grand Canyon as well as tours of the southwest.
See their website for more info on tours and availability

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