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Visit the Springs Preserve

Go Green in Las Vegas at the Springs Preserve


The Springs Preserve is a cultural and historic attraction only a few minutes from Downtown Las Vegas. Imagine a location where you can not only learn about the history of Las Vegas but about the process by which we all can work to preserve the environment we depend on. The Springs Preserve is a must see in Las Vegas!

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The entire Las Vegas Springs Preserve is presented in a fun and entertaining approach to sustainable living and interactive learning. If you are looking for an alternative to Las Vegas entertainment the Springs Preserve is sure to be a good bet. Also, if you have children you could easily entertain them throughout the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

Interpretive trails and exhibits at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve offer a fun use of technology and botanical gardens are just some of the highlights of a dynamic attraction that will impress you with its size and scope.

Take Your Kids to the Las Vegas Springs Preserve
Your children will love the interactive exhibits at the Springs Preserve as well as touring the gardens. The trails at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve will also delight your child's natural instinct to explore and investigate. If you are visiting Las Vegas the Springs Preserve is the type of alternative to smoke filled casinos that you should seek.

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Location of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve:
333 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada (between US 95 and Alta Drive)
Directions to the Springs Preserve
Phone: (702) 822-7700

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Hours at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve: 10:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Sunday with extended hours for special events.

Cost of Admission to the Springs Preserve:
General Admission
Adult $18.95
Senior (65+) $17.05
Student (18+) $17.05
Child (5-17 years) $10.95
Child (under 5 years) No Charge

Nevada Residents
Adult: $9.95
Senior: $8.95
Student: $8.95
Child (5-17 years): $4.95
Child (under 5 years) No charge

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General Admission Tickets and Annual Passes apply to entrance to the Las Vegas Springs Preserve Gardens, Trails, ORIGEN Experience and Desert Living Center.

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