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100 Things to Do in Las Vegas

The Best Attractions On and Off the Las Vegas Strip


100 Things to Do in Las Vegas

The Lobster Tail at Buddy V at Palazzo Las Vegas

Richard Petty Driving Experience

What will you have time to do in Las Vegas? Here are 100 things to keep you busy during your Las Vegas vacation. You can be sure that I have personally visited each and every one of these attractions and I list them because they are among the best things to do in Las Vegas. Have fun and pace yourself because there is a lot to do on the Las Vegas strip.

You should be able to find plenty of things to do in Las Vegas, however, if you want to take the easy way out you can look at things to do that our broken up into categories. Things to do by visitor type or the Best Things To Do in Las Vegas by Category.

I'm sorry I lied, there are way more than 100 things to do but you should easily find the time to do all of these things in about 10 trips to Las Vegas.

Ten of my current favorite things to do in Las Vegas
  • Possibly the very best thing to do in Las Vegas is Sky Combat Ace Las Vegas. I understand if you don't like racing through the air or flying an airplane you might disagree. Of course, I'm sure you'll say I'm wrong if you don't like the idea of loops and plunges with your typical airplane rides. However, if you even remotely enjoy an elevation in adrenaline you will love Sky Combat Ace.
  • Coming in a very close second for favorite things to do in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Rock Crawlers is an adrenaline filled adventure on boulders and sand. You'll crawl along at very slow speeds while climbing and crawling rock faces with a jeep.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon - Recently, I have taken a helicopter, an airplane and even a motorcycle to the Grand Canyon. Soar over Grand Canyon National park in a helicopter or hug the turns right beside the canyons on a Harley Davidson. It's a big hole in the ground but it is pretty impressive.
  • Maybe you like to keep your body closer to earth? I understand, in that case head to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and go racing with Richard Petty Driving Experience. Go for a ride along or do the driving yourself.
  • The perfect thing to do when you need to unwind after a long day in Las Vegas is with a cocktail. The Hemingway Daiquiri awaits you at Petrossian Bar at Bellagio. The elegant setting and the friendly bartenders will have you dreaming of far away places and funny stories.
  • Need a meal? We all need to eat and the beef Wellington at Gordon Ramsay Steak is one of those things you must do in Las Vegas. The fish and chips will also make you excited and the rib cap will knock your socks off.
  • Do you know how good it would be if you could get in some golf in Las Vegas? Hit the ball long and straight in the desert.
  • Do you love the lights of Las Vegas?Take a flight with Maverick Helicopters and see them from above.
  • My idea of near perfection when it comes to things to do in Las Vegas almost always involves too much fun. So, you'll head into Carlos n' Charlies at the Flamingo and order the ceviche and a giant margarita and learn to dance with the very friendly staff.
  • Explore CityCenter on the Las Vegas strip.It's not just that the buildings are nice ans shiny. It's the art collection around the property, the impressive list of restaurant options and the world class shopping at Crystals. Yes, I'm easily distracted by how nice every thing is but what I really love is a spa treatment at Aria Spa.

I Might Have Ten More Things That I Really Want To Do Right Now

Dance, Mingle, Lounge

Un-Vegas Your Vacation

Satisfy Your Craving For Good Food

Relax in Las Vegas

Perfect for the guys

Be a little naughty

See A Show


Entertain the kids

Still need ideas on things to do in Las Vegas? Don’t worry, I have plenty more suggestions.

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