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Minus 5 Ice Lounge Las Vegas


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Cool Off At The Minus 5 Ice Lounge At Mandalay Bay
Minus 5 Ice Lounge Las Vegas

Minus 5 Ice Bar

Photo by Zeke Quezada
It's the idea of going to the extreme, from 105 to minus 5.

Minus 5 is an only in Las Vegas experience where you can walk into a block of ice and have a cocktail. This is the Vegas lounge that is not like all the other places. It doesn't matter what you wear, what you look like or who you know. Put on the Parka and gloves and get yourself a drink that is poured into a glass frozen from the purest water in New Zealand.

The lounge is an icy Minus 5 degrees but the atmosphere is much hotter than that.

Get the details on Minus 5 Las Vegas.

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Another Minus 5 location has opened at the Monte Carlo Hotel.The room is slightly larger and it has a couple of semi-private rooms for those group functions that call for a very cold environment. Minus 5 at the Monte Carlo Las Vegas

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