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Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas



Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Body English at the Hard Rock

Courtesy of Hard Rock Las Vegas
Make way for Vanity
Body English - Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Location: Hard Rock
4455 Paradise Rd.
(702) 693-5000

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Hours at Body English at the Hard Rock: Friday - Sunday, 10:30 p.m. - 4 a.m.

Cover: $30 for men, $20 for ladies

Need to get on the list or get the VIP treatment? Send them an email or give them a call and ask for it.

Call or Email:

Travis Heinrich
Sr. VIP Host
Hard Rock Hotel
Body English, Rehab, Wasted Space
Direct: 702.523.0601


Julia Durham
VIP Host
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Dress Code at Body English at the Hard Rock: No shorts, sports attire, sneakers, flip-flops or cutoffs. If you're wearing shorts, tank tops or flip flops they'll send you to the pool. Unless you're a woman, in that case they might let you in free

What it’s like at Body English at the Hard Rock:

First, do not confuse a good time with a life altering good time. Body English is the type of place that has the potential to wrap you up in some kind of absurd web of debauchery. The atmosphere is wild, the people are wild and the entire place radiates this happening vibe. Be ready for it.
This place has been set up quite nice with some comfy leather booths that make you feel important. They have bottle service here but it is at the top end of $300 so you might want to hold off on the VIP treatment.

Suggestion for Body English at the Hard Rock: Go upstairs and get a good look at the crowd dancing below you and spot that someone who might buy you a drink. I did that and it worked, so you might have the same luck. However, I should warn you that I actually spotted my wife returning from the restroom and she always holds the cash. For what it's worth.

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