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Blue Martini Lounge at Town Square Las Vegas

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Blue Martini Lounge at Town Square Las Vegas

Town Square Las Vegas

Blue Martini at Town Square Las Vegas Location: Town Square Las Vegas
6593 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas NV 89119
Get the details on Town Square Las Vegas
Town Square Las Vegas is south of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and about a 5 minute drive from the strip.

Phone: (702) 949-2583

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Cuisine at the Blue Martini at Town Square Las Vegas: Continental/American

Reservations at the Blue Martini at Town Square Las Vegas: Not Required

Price Range at the Blue Martini at Town Square Las Vegas: $10 - $50 when you consider alcohol

Hours at the Blue Martini at Town Square Las Vegas:
Monday - Friday 4pm - 4am
Saturday & Sunday 2pm - 4am

Happy Hour 4-8 pm 7 days a week with ½ price food and drink specials

Bands at Blue Martini Las Vegas start at 8:00PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday; 9:00PM Tuesday & Thursday; 4:00PM & 8:00PM Sunday

Attire at the Blue Martini at Town Square Las Vegas: Casual

What it’s like at the Blue Martini at Town Square Las Vegas?

The Blue Martini Las Vegas is comfortable enough to be a casual place for a date yet nice enough to feel like a VIP. It is multi-faceted and you'll like that about the Blue Martini. Consider the entertainment or the setting. Are you there for an afternoon BBQ on the patio, relax and dress down. If you are out for a night of Martini action and dancing then you should dress accordingly.

There is dancing, there is dining and there is drinking and all in one place where you'll spend an entire evening.

How's the food at the Blue Martini at Town Square Las Vegas?

The food is a decent accent to the Martini menu. You guessed it; I would have rather had the drinks than the food. However, that is only because there are times when I really love to try the various Martini concoctions that mixologist come up with. I particularly enjoy the Pomegranate Martini, The Fly Me To The Moon Martini and the Pink Passion. Of course if you like to go Old School they do tend to make a tasty Dirty Martini. I would not suggest the Cookies and Cream unless you are ready for dessert.

Back to the food, sorry, alcohol makes me babble about stuff that is only important to me. The steak sandwich that they serve is presented on this delectable bread that made me worry about running because I wanted to order a bit more. The Lobster Tacos are drizzled with a sauce that is just the right amount of zip to keep you satisfied. A couple of the flat bread selections are worth trying as well.

The food is worth a try if you get to the Blue Martini and you have not had dinner, however, with all the great restaurants in town, you should focus on the good drinks they serve and leave the cooking to someone else.

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 1 out of 5
Terrible Experience! DO NOT GO HERE, Member RMT7

A terrible experience from top to bottom. Over-priced drinks, terrible food and a staff and management that don't care about their patrons. On top of that, when I visited in mid-December, I was told to remove my baseball cap, charged $5 for a ""security"" fee on top of the $20 cover charge (applied to men only) and when I left the establishment, the Blue Martini and their staff had lost my hat entirely! Gone. Someone STOLE it. They told me to screw off and after I wouldn't leave and demanded to speak to a manager, he begrudingly gave me $40 to replace the hat. Terrible, terrible, terrible time. DO NOT GO HERE. There are PLENTY of other great places in Las Vegas that would be happy to treat you and your belongings with courtesy and respect. Avoid this place at all costs!

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