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Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas

Listen to the Water, Feel the Breeze and the Dance at Tryst Nightclub


Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas
Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas
Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas
Photo by Barbara Kraft

Tryst Nightclub is partially open to the Las Vegas sky and you'll feel the cool air when you stand near the water. The music will move you but the water will motivate you. Tryst Nightclub has a sense of style and class that is what you would expect from a night club at Wynn Las Vegas. It's just done right.


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Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas
Location: Wynn Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Contact Tryst Nightclub: 702-770-3375

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When is the nightclub open: Open Thursday-Saturday, 10:00 pm to 4:00 am.

Cover: $30, $300 for VIP service

Dress Code: Casual Chic

What it’s like at Tryst at Wynn Las Vegas:
Tryst is a fairly large nightclub but it just seems even larger with a waterfall as the centerpiece of the action. The falling water makes you want to dance the night away and have a few too many drinks. The crowd is generally more upscale as the Wynn Las Vegas clientele frequent this hotspot. The dance floor is sizable and there are three bars around the club to keep you hydrated.

When you step into Tryst Nightclub in Las Vegas there is a feeling that you get, I can only describe it as being "there". As in, "I was right 'there' when it happened" or "She was standing right 'there' the first time I saw her." Las Vegas nightclubs deliver a lot of the same, a crowded room , some loud music, bad cologne and tiny dresses that make almost everyone either a) blush or b) stare. Tryst nightclub is a bit different.

At Tryst Nightclub you'll get this room that seems wide open because of the water fall. You'll get a clientele that for the most part is consistently a bit higher on the pecking order and you'll get a nightclub that even on the crowded evening is fairly easy to navigate.

If you can swing it opt for a table. Your view is so much better when you can sit around and lounge, if you are more of the dancing type keep the cash and spend your time on the dance floor. There are pockets of ample space at Tryst Nightclub where conversations can be had and you'll be pleased with the crowd, so mingle!


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