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Blush at Wynn Las Vegas - BLUSH HAS CLOSED

Intimate Club Experience at Wynn


Blush at Wynn Las Vegas - BLUSH HAS CLOSED
Courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas


Location: Wynn Las Vegas Resort
3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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(702) 770-3633

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Blush Boutique Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas:
When you consider Las Vegas style and the essence of nightlife what triggers the thought in your head? Is it dancing until the sun comes up? Is it a crafty cocktail or the presence of the flirtatious behavior that encompasses so many intriguing memories? Define your own Las Vegas experience at Blush at Wynn Las Vegas. Sit back and enjoy a drink as you lounge on the patio, dance up close with that special someone who you love to get away with or act upon those indiscretions you have been meaning to tempt.

Hours at Blush at Wynn Las Vegas: The lounge opens daily at 9pm but the club scene happens 10pm to 4 am Thursday through Saturday. Blush at Wynn Las Vegas closes at 2am on Wednesday nights.

Reservations: There are VIP options open and since this place is a lot smaller than most Las Vegas clubs you might need to call to grab a table if you are dead set on getting in.

Need to get on the list or get the VIP treatment? Send them an email or give them a call and ask for it.

Call or Email:
Blush Nightclub
Wynn Resort Las Vegas

Music at Blush at Wynn Las Vegas: What you won't get is the endless pulsating sounds that remind you of a house party, but you will get good music that is on par with the other top clubs in town.

Dress Code at Blush at Wynn Las Vegas: Make sure you look good, if people are spending cash to be treated right, they don't want to look at your blackjack table attire. Shower and dress as if you plan on meeting your soul mate.

What it's like at Blush at Wynn Las Vegas: The club is quaint and you feel like a VIP even if you don't fork over the cash for a table and bottle service. Ultimately, the experience here is more high end and you get the feel that this is what clubs feel like when you grow up. The atmosphere is right for good conversation and dancing. The energy is not overbearing and you do not feel as if the doors have just been open to party central and you are forced onto a New Years Eve party. Instead, you are surrounded by those whom just like yourself want to have a good time without having a $10 beer spilled on them.

Suggestions for Blush at Wynn Las Vegas: Some of the best people watching on the high end of the scale. Figure out how much the creepy guy in the corner paid to have the two bombshells sit and drink from his champagne glass. If at all possible try to make your way to the patio and get a little Las Vegas air. It's peculiar, but the indoor/outdoor feeling of Blush makes you a bit more relaxed and makes the place far more enjoyable. It almost makes it worth overpaying for a bottle of liquor that has been marked up 400 percent.

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