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Jeremy Cornwell At Hyde Bellagio


One Guy And A Lot Of Talent At Hyde Bellagio
Jeremy Cornwell At Hyde Bellagio
Music is simple in that it allows you to step back and appreciate the way the artist has interpreted a few markings on a piece of paper. They are notes to them but for most of us who put down the plastic recorder after 7th grade they might as well be Greek. We will stand on the sidelines and listen; perhaps we will pretend to play. We might even strike a chord on the air guitar or crash down on the snare with our imaginary drumsticks. Personally, I have been known to play a make believe piano to the Rach. 3 in my car during long drives.

I would hope that the musician and his talents would be forever cherished but these days DJs who once were spinning records now just manipulate sounds and music on laptops. It hardly seems like real music. Yet, they command large audiences and the Las Vegas nightlife scene is rife with suitors for this brand. That is what makes Jeremy Cornwell special.

Step into Hyde Bellagio and you’ll be treated to a different brand of music. You’ll see and hear the talent of one. Jeremy Cornwell makes the music. He literally does it all. Sure he is pumping out some sounds through a machine but he his also picking a guitar and lending his voice to the mood. You’ll be astonished by the way he can command the room as one person making music in a city that seems to embrace the DJ a bit too much.

Hyde Bellagio and its upscale booths and views of the bright lights of Las Vegas seem like the perfect stepping off point for the music. Sitting back as the fountains explode in the periphery I’m impressed by Jeremy Cornwell’s stage presence and his ability to keep the crowd active. This is not a group of music aficionados listening to every note, rather this is the party sect who seem to not have caught on that a real person is causing them to move their body and enjoy the Las Vegas night.

I’m sold. I need to be on the guest list every Thursday night until Jeremy Cornwell signs the big record deal that lands him on Lettermen or has him performing in front of groupies who will claim to have seen him before he “made it.”

For now, make sure to get in early and try to request a song with a tweet to @CornwellProject or with an email to JeremyCornwellProject@gmail.com.

Jeremy Cornwell performs every Thursday at Hyde Bellagio. 9 to 12am.

Hyde Bellagio
Bellagio Las Vegas
Evenings Begin at 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 5:00 p.m. – 4:00 a.m.
Reservations for Hyde Bellagio: 702- 693-8700

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