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How many people live in Las Vegas?


Question: How many people live in Las Vegas?
When you start planning that trip there are always little things you might need to know so I have tried to put them together in an easy to find way. The information should help you with some of the questions you have about Las Vegas.
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How many people live in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is growing and it has been growing for a number of years, currently 1.8 million people make Las Vegas their home, actually Clark County, but an astonishing 4% more move in monthly. What does that mean for you the visitor? Actually, it means that you might run into some traffic jams if you decide to drive and you might find that the areas outside the strip do not seems as safe as you’d like them to be. All things considered the amount of people living in Las Vegas should not hamper you’re ability to have a good time.

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