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Where do you park in Las Vegas?


Question: Where do you park in Las Vegas?
When you start planning that trip there are always little things you might need to know so I have tried to put them together in an easy to find way. The information should help you with some of the questions you have about Las Vegas.

Where do you park in Las Vegas?

I should point out that if you are in Las Vegas on vacation you should leave the car parked or if you came in on a flight there is very little reason to have a car. There is also a very good chance that you will be having alcoholic drinks so that is reason number 1 to not drive. Period. There I said it now I can tell you how to park that car.

Most hotels have large self-parking lots that are absolutely free and relatively convenient. I would be careful to use caution as you would in any city when parking late at night on in dark deserted areas. It is not that parking structures are not safe it's just common sense whenever traveling. Do not let your guard down just because you are on vacation.

Another plus, found at most hotels is free valet service. It is very convenient and all you need to do is step out of your car and into the casino. On your way out of the casino you hand them your ticket and they grab your car for you. You tip the attendant a dollar or two and you are off. This saves you the usual long walk to the parking lot. Some hotels have long waits for the valet service so be mindful of that. Check to see if you can call down and request your car before you reach the valet stand. TIP: Slip the attendant $5 when you park and you can almost be sure to get your car quickly when you return.

You should also realize that taxicabs are very convenient and they lessen the chance of you drinking and driving. Walk out front of the casino and catch a cab back to your room and you do not have to worry about a thing. TIP: Talk to the driver and make sure he know where you are going just in case the driver decides that he should take you th elong way. You don't have to know the short way you just have to act like you know.

The Las Vegas Monorail also runs up and down the Las Vegas Strip. While it is convenient in some hotels it is out of the way in others. If you don't have to drive, don't do it. Traffic is always bad and you should not be stressed while on vacation.

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