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The Oyster Bar at Palace Station Hotel and Casino


Eat, Talk, Drink and Enjoy at the Oyster Bar at Palace Station Las Vegas
The Oyster Bar at Palace Station Hotel and Casino
Photo Courtesy of Station Casinos
I’ll admit it, I use to play a lot of bingo at Palace Station, well, when I say a lot I wasn’t a regular or anything but I was known to sit down for a few sessions and talk tales of best buffets and loose slots. That was some time ago but it always provided me with so much joy and my afternoon/evening always ended with a seat at the Oyster Bar at Palace Station.

It had been awhile so I returned to the Oyster Bar and the memories came back in an instant. The festive mood is intoxicating as the setup invites you to talk. It beckons you to make new friends and you soon feel so comfortable you consider sampling food off of plates from complete strangers.

Everything is prepared right in front of you and the staff do their very best to keep you smiling. The best thing is that the prices are reasonable and the ample portions are perfect for sharing.

What you should try at Oyster Bar at Palace Station Las Vegas:

  • Oysters – How can you go to an Oyster bar and not have them. Tasty, fresh and addicting, you can see how fresh they are by the way they glisten.
  • A Bowl of Clam Chowder- $7 and you are looking at a cheap lunch and decent bowl of chowder.
  • Oysters Rockefeller – I’m a sucker for an oyster that is baked and breaded and plumped up to provide an added dose of flavor. Not the best I have had but once again, for the price, better than average.
  • Crab Meat Pan Roast – The broth mixed in with the rice and cradled with a piece of sourdough bread, well, that to me is comfort food and the portion is perfect for sharing.
  • House Gumbo – I really could use it a bit spicier but that is the beauty of the Oyster Bar, ask them to crank it up even higher if you so desire. The sausage, the seafood the okra, it’s what gumbo is all about. All the right ingredients to give you a decent meal and a lively experience.

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