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Skybox Sports Bar and Grill at ARIA Las Vegas - CLOSED


Skybox Sports Bar and Grill at ARIA Las Vegas - CLOSED

The Rib-Eye Burger at Sky Box at Aria Las Vegas

I crave plenty of things. I crave stiff drinks. I crave beef. I crave great food. I crave sitting in front of a large television watching sports.

Imagine my delight when I figured I could combing a decent drink, beef, a sports bar and not feel like food was an afterthought. Skybox at Aria resort led me to the promised land that every sports fan dreams about. The Rib-Eye Burger at Skybox held my hand and gently did its best to vault me into a couch potato's fantasy.

The combination of horseradish and steak sauce on a burger with an added treat of lettuce, tomato and pickle and you can bet I didn't mind when my team took a beating on the large screens that surround the restaurant. A beer would have worked fine and I'm not going to lie I ended up having a Dogfish 60 Minute IPA later in the meal but the Cucumber Collins and the Prickly Pear Pisco Sour set me up for a perfect way to watch a game.

The Skybox at Aria Las Vegas is conveniently located near the sports book if you are so inclined to drop some cash on your team. The menu works well even if someone in your party is not all that crazy about sports, comfort foods and libations.

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