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A Dose of Americana at American Fish at Aria Las Vegas


A Toast To The Waterways of America at American Fish
A Dose of Americana at American Fish at Aria Las Vegas

The Narragansett at American Fish



If I was savvy in the outdoors, I'd carry a cast iron skillet. If I was savvy. If I had any talent, I'd own a fly fish rod and those cool knee high gaiters and I would stand in the middle of one of the great American rivers and I would cast to my heart's content. I would pull in a huge fish, I'd clean it, I'd do it up right with a decent bottle of wine right on the sand beside the flowing water. If I was savvy out there in the wild.

Since I do not posses those skills outside of my own imagination, I'll sit at the bar at Michael Mina's American Fish and wait for my table. I'll have a Narragansett and then I'll experience something grilled, something baked, something poached and something griddled. I'll mix it in with some boutique wines and then leave and attempt to use my talents for other purposes like getting into a Las Vegas club or doubling my cash at the craps table.

If you were to put together a place to get together for a meal that could explain the need guys have to place themselves in the pecking order of the food chain I would suggest American Fish at Aria Resort Las Vegas. American Fish is the place where you take your ideas once you grow up and realize that you could in fact afford a trip to the Snake River or a trip to pull in huge Salmon in Alaska but would rather just select it off a divine menu.

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The dining room is alive with energy, the staff is attentive and the food will change your idea of how things should be done. You'll wonder about preparation, you'll ask yourself about ingredients and then you'll force yourself to have just a bit more.

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